World’s slimmest Mobile Ascend P1-S Android Based launch by Huawei

World’s slimmest Mobile 2012 Ascend P1-S Android Based launch by Huawei. Android base with Ice-cream version ,8MP Camera , USB 3.0,6.67mm thick,Dual core processor, 4.3-inch Touch screen.

Chinese company Huawei near to launch for sale world’s slimmest mobile Ascend P1 S.Now After successfully entrance in Android base mobile market by Motorola and Samsung now other mobile manufacturers also try to grab the Smartphone market all around the world. Chinese mobile vendor huawei is normally knows a lower end phones and devices. Huawei wants this year 2012 a successful sale year company and these mobile devices help him a lot and that-why  Huawei launch world’s slimmest mobile of the world to attract the costumer. Ascend P1 S has operating system Android 4.0 with ice cream version, Ascend P1 S Smartphone measures 6.8 millimeters at its thinnest point.Smartphone vendors are looking for ways to differentiate their products from the competition, and device thickness is an important feature to make their device hit in Smartphone market.Two mobile will be lunch for sale by Huwaei ,first is Ascend P1 S , 6.68 millimeters think mobile with 1GB of RAM and an 8-megapixel camera, as well as support for USB 3.0 and second is with same technical specification but little more thick with 7.69 millimeters.The Ascend P1 and the P1 S will be available in Pakistan, India, Europe, A, Australia, Middle East, Dubai, and China in first quarter of 2012.Price is not divulge by Huawei still yet.Huawei spoke person said our main focus is to capture the America telecom market and we are  negotiating with USA Top Telecom operator to introduced their Slimmest mobile to their customer . it good telecom operator to grasp the more exposure and better marketing opportunities and attract the costumer and enhance their profit.

World-slimmest-Mobile-Ascend-P1-S-Android-Based launch by Huawei



World slimmest Mobile Ascend P1-S Huawei


World's slimmest Mobile Ascend P1-S Huawei


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