World Oldest Father Nanu Ram Jogi.

 Nanu Ram Jogi is world oldest Father and he is from India.

Nanu Ram Jogi is world Oldest Father. Currently his age is 90 year and married for time and he has 12 son and nine daughter.He live with his family with 2 storey building.

Nanu Ram Jogi recently become father of a baby Girl and he said he is very happy and he is willing to do more marriage and till he reached 100 year old he wants more baby in his home.

He said i am financially not in good condition but i am happy to live in children.His plan id continue producing children till the age to 100 year.

Jogi has at least 12 sons, 9 daughters, and somewhere around 20 grandchildren

He spoke with media and told that he likes sex and he did sex with her wife regularly. So its clearly notice that male power never low and if a male have strong sperm he can easily become father.
A good food help the to increase its man sex power.


World_Oldest_Father in India.