World Most Expansive Apple IPAD with Gold Plated.

As young generation become crazy about new Smartphone .Now competition is start now between different companies to make unique stylish Smartphone to attract the costumer. Now World most expansive IPAD is ready in USA and it price by expectation will be more than 80000 dollar. 

World Most expansive IPAD is ready for Sale in USA.

World Most expansive IPAD decorate with Gold and Diamond. Its price is more then 80000$ and now it is ready for sale. One Piece of Most Expansive Apple IPAD is already sale and one unknown person buys that most expansive IPAD.

Diamonds are used to design the LOGO at this IPAD. Only two model was made by compnay.2 KG Gold is used for this Expansive IPAD and Bones of dinosaur are used to make this IPAD.

Excessive used of Gold and Bones of  dinosaur make this IPAD world most expansive IPAD.

World Most Expansive Smartphone ready for Sale.

Apple Most Expansive IPAD.


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