World Cheapest Cars.


Now a day people are looking for cheap cars.Sale of Cheap and fuel efficient car increase dramatically.

Now automakers around the world are mess up to construct cars that price less than 10,000 dollars. And some are even single-minded for a label price as low as 3,000 dollars. But Western customers are also showing a hunger for slash rate wheels. That’s because the new production of low cost cars offer enhanced quality, ease, and security than the bargain vault models. Cheap cars will come in all sizes and shapes. Automaker Renault pioneered the new no trappings car with its large 2004 Logan sedan and is gently sloping out  a family of six dissimilar models. Expect a group of cheap wheels to hit the market by 2009 to2010 when Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan, Fiat, and others expose challenging models. Tata hopes the 10 foot 3 metre long five seater car will be cheap sufficient to support millions of Indians to deal from their motorcycles. Tata owner Ratan Tata has express the Nano as a milestone ecologist are forewarning that the Nano will add to India’s already blocked up roads, and contamination levels will decrease. Tata declare the Nano will be the slightest polluting car in India.

World Cheapest car is made in India by TATA industries.

Name of world Cheapest car is TATA TANO which is only COST $2500.Still no car vendor compete TATA in cheapest car.This car is very papular in India due to its low price spare parts and very good in Fuel Consumptions.

world second cheapest car is Cheery QQ with the price of $4800 Fuel Consumption of this car is very good.

World third Cheapest Car is Maruti Suzuki 800 with the price of $ 5000.People like Suzuki in Aisa region but not too much papular in Gulf Contries.In Pakistan Suzuki is best seller brand of Car.

World Fourth Cheapest Car is Geely MR which has price $5500.

World Fifth Cheapest car is Geely HQ SRC which has price &5800

at number 6th is Chery A-1 with the Cost of $7800.

and at 7th place TATA Indica with the cost of $8500


Here you can find world Top 10 Cheapest Car.


1. Tata Nano


2. Cheery QQ

3. Maruti Suzuki 800

4. Geely MR

5. Geely HQ SRC

6. Chery A-1

The Chery A-1 comes at a price of $7,340. It is a subcompact that gives a solid impression. According to grapevine the Chery A-1 will be available in Mexico where it will be sold as a Dodge model. AVL, an Austrian company has been roped in by Chery in a partnership deal. AVL will provide the necessary technology to make the car Euro IV compliant.

7. The Tata Indica

8. Hyundai i10


9. Fiat Palio

10. Dacia Logan

Starting at number 10 is the Dacia Logan from Renault. The car costs $9,477 and is made in 5 countries-Romania, Brazil, Turkey, India, and Iran. Renault focused on affordability while designing this car. The Dacia Logan is similar in many aspects with Renault Clio and Nissan Micra.