World Richest Technology Related Youngster 2012

It’s not necessary that you can be rich person only in old-age or 40+ age. You can be a rich person in your young age. There are many example in which youngster proof theirself as a good entrepreneur and become world most rich and successful person. All these guys come with new idea and got popularity all over the world.From internet and technology related business they are earning millions of dollar.So think about you , you can also change the world with your new and unique idea. this post help to motivate the students , younger guys and girls to become entrepreneur. Internet is best and easy way by which you earn million of dollar with small setup and unique idea.

This list is world Richest youngster 2012 and  these guys are richest entrepreneur of world who’s change the world.

World richest person 2012 at number- 1

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Goggle is amazing and fantastic search engine you can find every kind of information about anything in this world. Two young boys discover this huge world of information and data. You search any topic on goggle by submitting the keyword or key term. Goggles use many soft wares and algorithms, Boolean operators, spider software a database and much more. Google was invented by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. These young boys are the world richest younger and boys in the technology world..
Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford University as graduate students in computer science. They both were in the same university and have same interests and were good friends. Larry Page and Sergey Brin start working on Google. Operating out of their rooms, the pair built a server network using cheap, used, and borrowed PCs. They increase their credit cards selling terabytes of disks at markdown prices. They try to license their search engine technology, but, after failing to find anyone. Page and Brin decided to keep Google, get extra financing, advance the product, and get it to the public themselves. Google finally became successful and  a hot product.
So the boys develop the goggle are now the world richest youngsters in the world. They work hard and use their mind and now they are enjoying the peaks of their hard work and devotion.


World richest person 2012 at number -2

Mark Zuckerberg CEO of   Face Book

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg born on May 14, 1984 White Plains, New York. he is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. Zuckerberg do extremely well in the classics before shifting to Phillips Exeter Academy in his low-grade year, where he won prizes in science, math, astronomy and physics and classical studies. Zuckerberg know multiple languages he could read and write French, Hebrew, Latin, and ancient Greek he was a talented boy from his young age.
He is best known for inventing the best and world’s most famous social networking website. He is the founder of most popular and famous social networking site facebook.facebook is the big invention by Mark Zuckerberg it is totally different from the other social networking sites. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in February 2004. Mark Zuckerberg introduced the platform for the people to met with each and to make connections with each from any where in the world. Facebok is huge source of meaningful communication. Mark zuckerberg is only 23 years old and in such a small age he has made himself billionaire in the world. He is the youngest billionaire in the world .
Mark zuckerberg is the world richest younger. He earns lots and lots of money through his best and mega invention facebook. He develops the facebook which reaches to the peaks of success and got famous all over the world and in this Mark becomes the world richest younger.


World richest person 2012 at number-3

Andrew Gower a british video game developer

Andrew Christopher Gower was born 2 December 1978. He lives in British and is known as the most famous British video game developer and a founder of amazing and most hot Cambridge-based Jagex Games Studio. He is vey talented boy and two of his friends are also with him in his great invention Paul Gower and Constant Tedder. He also wrote the MMORPG Run escape with the assistance of his brother, Paul Gower.
Gower is the world richest youger in the technology world. he develop many popular and famous video games which are popular all over the world.
Gower has developed many exciting and interesting games he is known as the best famous developer of games in the world. His games are very much popular and people love to play is games. His game soft wares are awesome and attractive. Andrew had developed number of games which are popular all over the world. Andrew also develops games with graphics and music. In 1995, he created a 3D platform game called Parallax Painter which was a fantastic game. This was followed in 1996 by a 3D first-person shooter called Destruction Imminent for the same system. He also developed many Java games from 1997 to 1999. This built-in a number of single player games and 3D castle with a mixture of classic multiplayer games
He then created an isometric RPG, again in Java, called Devious MUD. This game was the fore-runner to Run escape. The original version of RuneScape is now better known as RuneScape Classic, which is now reserved online but only with partial access.

World richest person2012 at number- 4

Chad Hurley CEO of You Tube

Chad Meredith Hurley was born in 1977. He was founder of the world most famous and popular video sharing website YOUTUBE. He is an American citizen and CEO of the well known video sharing website YouTube. You Tube is one of the best website of the world. By developing the You Tube Chad Hurley becomes the world youngest richest man in the world of the technology. Chad is very talented and most software American developer Hurley was mainly accountable for the labeling video sharing feature of YouTube.
YouTube rapidly became one of the most famous and popular website and was ranked as the 10th most popular website. There are apparently 1000 million videos viewed daily on YouTube and 67,000 new videos uploaded every day.
Chad Hurley is vey talented from his childhood and had great interest in the computers and software he studied many books and articles related to technology. he work hard for developing the YouTube. in the early years of his studies in technology Chad developed many technology related websites his idea was to develop a huge medium for video sharing and one day he got successful in his mission and become the developer of great video sharing website YouTube. Chad has great interest in technology, computers and software and he had membership in technology student Association during high school
After developing You Tube Chad and Hurley decided to sell YouTube to goggle for $1.65 billion. And in this Chad Hurley become the world richest younger in the world through his great invention. Not only You Tube Chad was also associated with eBay’s PayPal division. He did his graduation in Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

World richest person 2012 at number -5

Blake Ross and David Hyatt

Developer most popular open source web browser Mozilla Firefox

Blake Aaron Ross was born in June 12, 1985 and he was very talented young boy. He is known as the world richest younger in the world oof technology. He one of the most famous American software developer. He is known for his great invention which is Mozilla Firefox which the one of the best browser in the world. Mozilla Firefox is a great invention by Aaron Ross. He was voted for wired magazine’s top Rave Award, Renegade of the Year, Rolling stone which was a popular and hot magazine.

Blake Aaron Ross had fond of programming and software from his childhood and was famous in his school for his different technology. Miami, Florida, was the first website developed by Ross at the age of 10. He started his career as a programmer in early days of his school Ross was really a genius boy in the world Netscape. He also worked for Netscape in the age of 15 and at that time Ross was a student of communication corporation. He also worked for many well intuitions and well known software developers admire his work now is working for California and Mountain View.

Ross is most well known founder of Mozilla Firefox project with Hyatt.While interning at Netscape.  Ross became the most popular person in the world of   browser developers first he was working for Netscape and he is contributions to America Online. Ross and Hyatt produce a slighter, easy-to-use browser that could have huge demand. Mozilla Firefox captured the huge market share of Microsoft and internet explorer. It was reported that, Firefox was downloaded more than a 1000 million times.
Firefox  is fastest growing web browser  and today is the second  popular browser after Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and the most used podium sovereign browser with a quarter of the browser market share.


World richest person 2012 at number -6

Andrew Michael

Andrew Michael is world richest youngster he is just 27 years old guy. He is also of the master mind person in the world of technology. Andrew is one of the millionaire young boys. He started his website company and now is enjoying the success of his web hosting company. Fast hosts is one of the most popular web hosting website. He is earning millions and millions from his company. Andrew is one of the richest young Americans. He is known as the young ideal for his followers
Fasthosts gives fastest and best web-hosting services and doing business in millions and billions and it was great surprise for the Andrew to develop such a mass web-hosting company..

World richest person 2012 at number – 7

Angelo Sotira

Angelo Sotira was born on February 14, 1981.he is one of the most popular American software developers he is master mind person. He is a developer of DevinatArt online community. He released that community on 7th august 2000. it is huge and massive contribution of Angelo. First he developed a music sharing site which was Dimension Music and then creates a creative Artists Agency. Angelo also worked as Artist Management Group & Lynx Technology Group.
Devinatart is very useful multimedia application and software where you easily organize your work counting photography, digital art, traditional art, literature, flash, filmmaking. so it is most popular and famous social network which facilities many people. And it got popular in a short period and Angelo becomes the world richest youngster in the world of technology by developing this art online community

World richest person 2012 at number -8

John Vechey

John Vechey is most popular American Popcap game developer.  he world richest young person 2012.John had a fond of video games from his childhood and now is the most popular and young game developer in the America. He is the developer of Popcap games. Popcap games are famous all over the world and people love to play the popcap video games developed by john. John becomes the world richest person in the world by developing most different and unique computer games.

John has great contribution in the world of computer games he launched many different computer video games for the game lovers.


World richest person 2012 at number -9

Alexander Levin

Alexander is one of the richest person and youngster in the 2012. he is the founder of the Imageshack. which is website for video sharing and video hosting and photo sharing. the services of the imageshack is awesome and quick and fast. people enjoy using imageshack. Alexender is the founder of this website and become the world richest person in 2012.

World richest person 2012 at number – 10

Jake Nickell

Jake Nickell founder of custom t-shirt printer Threadless a group that has built a business on crowd-sourced design. He is one of the richest people 2012. Jake is richest business man of 2012.
Threadless is an online community of artists and an e-commerce website. In 2000, co Nickell and Jacob DeHart begin the website with $1,000 of their money. Now it is one of the most popular businesses 2012.
Threadless designs are shaped by and selected by an online community. Each week, about 1, 0000 designs are proposed online and are place for public vote. After a week designs are reviewed the top-scoring designs. And this way the threadless is working and earning lot and lots of money online. It is best source for earning money


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