World Oldest Car.

The world’s oldest car will be available for sale in Karachi. The price which is fixed for the auction of this oldest car is 16 lace pounds. This oldest car is 127 years old. Its weight is 2100 pound. This oldest car is still worked properly. This car was developed in 1881 in France. The most interesting thing about this car is that this unique car does not need any kind of petrol, diesel or gas. To run this car coal, wood and paper is used. This is really very unique and historical. There are many other unique and oldest things in Pakistan. The oldest car is one of them. This oldest car will accused in Karachi next month. The importance of this car is too much because it is still in working condition. This oldest car takes one hour to start. This is very unique and historical car.wood and paper are used in this car.

No Fuel or CNG is used to drive this car. Water steam is used in this Car.

world oldest car
world oldest car

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World oldest car in Karachi

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