which Jobs will be hottest in 2012.

High demands jobs in 2012.

Today job market is very bad due to global recession still going on and IMF again alarm to big economy of the world to take some serious steps to save the world from next recession.
which job sector required more man power in 2012 ? Due to Arab Spring and bad economic situation in USA affect the job market severely.
In 2012 more job will be created in computers, health care, science and space technology.

In Medical sector , high demand is exptect for Nurses.Registered nurses provide basic medical treatment, manage patient records, and are the primary providers of long-term care for patients.

Media is growing very dynamically and fastly now a days and hopefully people will see a good groom in media sector.

Due to Android cell phone many jobs will be available as android application developer.

The child care sector is expected to experience the greatest employment growth in coming years, with a projected 28 % growth by 2017.

Banking sector is badly effect due to economic crisis in this world and it is expected that it will hurt more in Future and no more jobs will be created in banking sector 2012.

In telecommunication Sector new technology LTE is booming and hopefully more jobs will be created in 2012 in telecommunication sector.So high demand is expected for telecom engineer in LTE field in 2012.

Oil sector will not launch news project and jobs market in oil sector is expected remain same.

Management person always get high salary as compare to other employee in company.High demand is expected for Management analysts ,they  act as consultants for businesses, aiding them in the process of navigating their industries, operating efficiently, and maintaining fluid inventory.



Hottest Jobs in 2011 was as follow :

hottest jobs in 2011.