Now a days War between different countries become a big business…..

Now a days War between different countries become a big business…..

Wars have always been big business for war industry, banks, security industry and others.

A country that goes to war always tests the latest technology and also shows potential clients what kind of damage their advanced weapons can cause. Some countries are more successful than others. It’s all about pitching and promoting their killing machines just like any business.

One possible scenario could be that a company that manfactures machine guns have an advertising campaign like the following one: The most advanced weapons to date “iKill 4” with its advanced high-speed system where you can also download “apps” that allows you to shoot your targets around the corner with a TURNING BULLET. ”

Unfortunately, not everyone succeed in their marketing campaigns. Especially Swedish defence that repeatedly failed to sell its fighter jet called “JAS”.
JAS has been in scandals, failures and just plain poor quality as long as I can remember.

The latest setback is in Libya where they have to pull out JAS because the front windows are loose and they have to fly the planes back to Sweden. The defence industry in Sweden saw their chance to sell JAS if they participated in NATO’s mission in Libya. But now they will probably loose their potential clients.

Sweden is a war neutral country and it is trying to sell weapons that kills people in wars.

Maybe the Swedish policy is: “Don’t get high on your own supply” or “Do as I say don’t do as i do”.

Swedish defence industry needs to get better at marketing their products if they want any clients.