VISION STICK Artificial Eye for Blind People

Eyes are gift of GOD. By Eyes you can see beauty of nature and color of can feel the importance of eyes when you close yours eyes or in dark and you can not see any thing.Without eyes sights there is no color in life. those people who’s has eyes and can see they don’t realize the problem of those people who’s has no eyes I means to say who’s are blind. Different research are on-going in American university in which different idea are come to solve the problem of blindness. Now in modern worlds where man reach are moon but still scicentist didn’t find a perfect solution of blindness. But in this post we share a different ideas on which research is going in American university in which electronics devices are used which are directly connected with brain and got instruction from Brain . Name of this device is vision stick in which a digital camera and digital sensor is used. One headphone is connected with ear which amplify the sounds by which blind person get an idea what is next in his way. By these devices blind people can move easily at stairs and in parks like normal people.


  • VISION STICK for Blind People.

Problems that blind people face:
People with complete blindness or low vision often have a difficult time self-navigating outside well-known environments. In fact, physical movement is one of the biggest challenges for blind people, explains World Access for the Blind. Traveling or simply walking down a crowded street may pose great difficulty. Because of this, many people with low vision will bring a sighted friend or family member to help navigate the unknown environment. As well, blind people must learn every detail about the home environment. Large obstacles such as tables and chairs must remain in one location to prevent injury. If a blind person lives with others, each member of the household must diligently keep walkways clear and all items in designated locations.
Many aiding tools had been made to aid these people but these tools are not efficient enough to help them completely, so that blind people don’t need to get assistance of any one else. My dream is to introduce such a vision stick which will eliminate hopelessness and dependency from their lives.


  • Features and functionality of vision stick:

•Camera sensors at lower edge of the stick will help in sensing the surroundings of a blind. It will sense all directions (left, right, forward and backward) and get information about environment.
•An efficient artificial intelligence system which have such an IQ level which will detect any thing, hurdle or any hole near to the blind and calculate its distance from blind in the normal foot step of a person and tells the direction where it is present. It will also manipulate that which type of thing is it chair, table, stairs, road or tree and tells its distance in foot steps from person using it.
• A wireless signal generator which will send signals to a wireless headphones. The blind person is wearing these headphones and gets audio signals from the stick which tells about the object in his surroundings. The audio is generated by software mentioned above.
• The foot steps calculated must be accurate and audio generated is clear and concise.
• The stick can be folded into shorter length equivalent to pencil so that it can be used in places where distance is small. The software detects it automatically and then calculates distance accordingly. e.g., in cupboard or kitchen.
• With the help of stick a blind person will also be able to read books or newspaper. The software detects the text and narrates it accordingly.