Vacation International Dubai Deira Cheater and Fraud Company

Today I am posting very alarming topic which is about the vacation international fraud. They are cheaters and frauds. Vacation international group is very sharp and make the people foolish very easily in Dubai. They usually target the visitors and innocent people in different and famous shopping malls of Dubai. This company is doing frauds from the past 10 years and still in 2013 they are making innocent people fool. I am sharing the pictures of the group members of the vacation international by which you can easily identity them. They have massive and well furnished offices in the Dubai and make people very easily stupid. Vacation international main office is in Deria Dubai. Please Be aware from these cheater of vacation international Deira dubai when you visit or residence in Dubai city.

  • Vacation International Deira Dubai Scam reported in GulfNews


Dear victims of Vacation International Deira Dubai.

Please Read this Post carefully and you can find a complete information about these people that how they fraud with people and how you can get back you money from these bastard.

I am composing this post with amazing plans to ensure general available from coming to be victims of Financial Fraud. They are essentially gaining in Millions by simply making the general available trick. They have embraced supreme methodology to direct cheat and plundering popular cash;. The proposed fake groups are annihilating exceptional name and popularity of Dubai also and it appears that they are not made a big deal about any sort of lawful activity of the Government

The name and location of the group is Vacation International, Abu baker Al Sadeek St|., Rashid Al Majid Bldg?., 5th Ground, Office 502, Tel: 2689002|. They are in addition exploiting Dubai Laws by not sending agreements/documents within 10 days sum paid come to be non- refundable. They don’t permit to peruse the records by making environment characterized beneath

We acquired a vacation bundle from Vacation International dependent upon the presentation made to our gang’. The time used on presentation was exceptionally long (two and half hours) under extremely boisterous music air. The bundle clarified was actually magnetic and dependent upon the aforementioned pledges we made installment however our charge card. Following making installment we needed to hold up for a different one hour to hold up for few reports to be marked. We all were all in all tired and my kids desired to go home fast. At long last we were furnished a pen to mark on certain records. We n’tn’t peruse the aforementioned reports to any detectable degree due to getting exceptionally late and critically the persons were not letting us peruse whatever and were truism the lot they clarified is incorporated in items. At long last we left that office at 10 p.m.



It was told that you can peruse all the aforementioned reports at home to guarantee that everything clarified things are incorporated therein. The duplicates of marked archives were not given to me by adage that the same could be sent with dispatch. Just receipts of trusts were furnished and contact items of client consideration were furnished.

3 Today is 10th day working day and as per law I was aware that within 14 days one can cancel the agreement if the terms are not acceptable but I have not received any documents from them till today. I had made payment on 13th October 2012 at 8.23 p.m. and 8.52 p.m. After excluding Eid holidays and weekends today is the 10th day.

I tried to call their office many times and every time I was told that someone will contact me which never happened. Today I again called their office and could speak to one of the persons who informed to collect all documents from their office. I requested them to send it through courier (as promised earlier) which they agreed. I might get these documents within next two or three days.
It is clear that I was not straightforwardly or in a roundabout way permitted chance to peruse these records and additionally the reports not gave till today.

At the point that asked concerning the userid and secret word, I was given the guideline which was unquestionably opposing what was illustrated in the presentation and dependent upon this we made the installment. The underneath is my first message to them to clear up the major distinctions yet no living creature addressed or clarified something.

In the mean-time, I was shocked to see large number of complaints lodged by people who were cheated. (Gulf news, various other websites etc)

Because I have not gained any archive from their side nor I get any sort of elucidation from them on my first day of communication today, I have chosen to cross out this understanding (which I never accepted and n’tn’t peruse).

I am looking for your assistance to cross out this contract on account of I have never accepted it and was not permitted to peruse in the conditions demonstrated previously.

We as general accessible continuously relish the best Dubai Administration to enlighten a lesson to all wrong practitioners.

We are certain that the Dubai Administration will take proper choice

  • Vacation International Deira Dubai will give you a trip of Egypt as a gift.these are scan copy of their document which they will give you at the end of presentation in which their costumer service center and office address is printed.


  • How to get back you money from Vacation International Deira Dubai

Now in detail we give you step by step points to how to get back money from Dubai international Deira Dubai.

Immediate Steps shoud be taken against Vacation International Deira Dubai.

  • First of all send emails to the company to cancel the contract without any delay
  • Write them that you will not continue any more and cancel my contract immediately
  • According to consumer protection laws in Dubai you have right to recover your money
    within ten working days.
  • I mean that you have the right to return back to the company to cancel the contract in the first day, the second, third, fourth or fifth day until the 10th day.
  •  Caution is very important from these cheater. Do not listen to any excuse or reason for the postponement of the contract until after the ten-day period do not listen to them at all
    keep original receipt of courier if you have received contract through courier.
  • Contact immediately with RERA office in Deira.
  • Try to lodge a police complaint police station is very near to their office.
  • keep going there every day to take back your money don’t feel shy or Weakness i am sure You will succeed

By these steps and build a pressure at vacation international dubai by Police and RERA dubai we are 100 % sure that you can get money back .


  • Be-aware from these Cheater of Dubai International Deira Dubai


We also upload Deira International Deira Dubai Cheater and employee’s Picture so that General Public should aware from these people when they visit Dubai as a tourist.


Vacation international real estate branch Deira Dubai . A office full of Cheaters and fraudsters .


Employee of Big Fraud Company in Dubai they have office in Deira Dubai and use the name of Interval International to cheat people.


  •  Vacation International – Big cheaters and fraud company


Please Share this Information with other as well because they hunt innocent people , visitors of Dubai City and cheat with them. They all are very professional doing fraud with people and you can find this company information desk in all major shopping mall of Dubai.

Please also share with you your experience and give your comments for benefits of General Public and Innocent people.

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  1. I would like to draw the specific attention of all persons passing through mall or anywhere to beware of these culprits.
    To short my story i got trapped by signing this contract but was never comfortable while they were discussing details.
    The next three hours which they brain stormed me with three coffe’s was the only time they got hold of me.I am sure there was something intoxication in the coffee.There after several times to allow myself think over i could not just resist signing knowing that i was being cheated…….believe me guys when i came out of the building 21st century 12:30am it was three and a half hours and most crucial thing we did not feel happy for achieving anything.Immediately we placed an email withing 2 hours to cancel the contract on medical grounds.They very often cheated by saying “YOU ARE MUSLIM AND DONT TRUST ANOTHER MUSLIM”………WHAT …!!!!!!YOU ARE NOT MUSLIM”All this is only a pschycological grip for you to end up saying yes.They also gave cosmetic gift set to my wife saying this is a gift to a sister from a muslim brother.When we asked to cancel they told us not to go anywhere and we will give you exact amount without deducting your 1000 Aed Money.This was where i got tensed when i saw several complaints out of which some of them were even pregnant ladies.To cut it short thanks to DED and Ministry of Economics that we took help to gt back the cheque.1000Aed were deducted.But at the time of giving cheque they asked for the cosmetic gift given to my wife.Thank God we did not open it or did not think to use it.Crafty, shrewed and absolutely inhuman species did not tell with the reply of the first email , which they were forced to give me in written on DED’s involvement.They gave it in written for 8th of jan to give the cheque ………but failed and extended the date to 13th jan….
    Then too sent an email mentioning the extension and instruction to return the cosmetic gift (in second email after 8th jan)…contract was signed on 14th dec 2012.To ask for the cosmetic gift was an inhuman act…….more towards a cunning aproach to buy some more time to delay the award of cheque.
    This any non muslim would not do to a muslim what these ppl did to us.
    Beware of these ppl and never ever trust any ppl from V.I.
    finally we got the money credited to our account.after 45 sleepless nights.

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