Latest Funny Urdu Jokes Collection 2016

Today we share with you latest funny urdu joke and idea to make this post is to make a smile for our site visitor .Everyone in his/her life is busy and people have don’t time even to smile. A materialistic life makes everyone busy and now people have to time to sit together and share good joke with each other.
Good jokes are their own importance in everybody life. From A good joke has itself a lesson. So Good joke helps people to learn and funny things, jokes are important for a happy life. Humor is one of the most important things in everyone life. Humor is another important tool in the key to finding happiness. Humor can be perfect in almost any type of circumstances. If you are angry with any you can send a humor text sms , a card to make him happy. So Humor, good joke are essential part of life and when a joke is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness and intimacy. A good funny joke is strong medicine for mind and body. Some people use humor to hide from their real emotions. Using humor to help get through the difficult times is a lot different than using humor to hide from them. Humor has been the source of entertainment throughout history. Today humor is practiced in movies, plays, songs, television shows and radio. A good joke always has a big lesson in it.
Today latest and most funny urdu jokes are collected and this have an idea to make largest collection of Urdu jokes at this site. You can find urdu jokes are different relationships, like you can find good and funny urdu jokes are doctor and patients relationship, you can find decent and funniest urdu jokes at wife, urdu jokes at husband wife relationship, urdu jokes are different casts like sardar , malik , sheikh and khan ,You can find here new urdu joke are peer and mureed relation and teacher and student relation. We also include some dirty urdu joke and double meaning urdu joke which need some mind to understand but our whole collection is decent and funny urdu joke and this is largest collection of urdu joke so its time to share with friend at facebook , google plus and at twitter. It great collection of urdu joke by itsmyviews team.Must share it with your friends.its good collection of urdu latife or lateefay and urdu joke are images which you can share with your friend separately.

A good urdu joke at bird , Murgi and Kawa urdu joke.


A funny application by student to his teacher for school fee.



A funny urdu-joke at boy and girl relationship.

Girlfriend-urdu-joke-2013-2014 picture

Peer and beta(Son) urdu-Joke.


A amazing urdu-joke at marriage ceremony and girls makeup.


why peace is not maintained in Pakistan . A decent urdu-joke between teacher and kid Pappu.


A Funny urdu joke by a kid with teacher at population.


A good double meaning talk urdu-joke.



Funny-urdu latife


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mazahiya latife-2013

mazahiya-urdu latife-2013



urdu-funny-jokes-2013 picture urdu-joke at animal

urdu-joke at wife
urdu-joke at wife


urdu-joke-at-jangal-forest-lion-animal-2013 urdu-jokes-2013 urdu-joke-mother-child-picture-2013 urdu-joke-for-son-father urdu-joke-for-kids share at facebook urdu-joke-at-woman-2013 Urdu-joke-at-wife-picture-wallpaper-2013 urdu-jokes for kids

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Urdu-Leteefayfor school teacher


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