Best Funny Urdu Joke Collection

Are you searching urdu jokes?here you can find best urdu cut piece ,best words and some urdu joke.its worth to read all urdu cut piece.

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and Urdu language is spoken and understood throughout the country of Pakistan, while the state-by-state languages (languages spoken throughout various regions) are the provincial languages. Urdu language is used in education, literature, office and court business. It holds in itself a repository of the cultural and social heritage of the country. At internet you didn’t find too much reading material of Urdu Language So itsmyviews team always try to publish data in our native language Urdu and request to all of you promote your native language.
Urdu Language is our Identity and Feel proud when you speak Urdu. Please teach Urdu language to your KIDs. No need to shy to speak Urdu. We are Pakistani and proud to be Pakistan and feel proud to speak Urdu.
Here you find some small jokes ,Aqwale zareen and tips in Urdu language.