Best and Impressive ideas to say I LOVE YOU to your Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Relationships are hard to build and it takes only seconds in which everything can be finish if you don’t care that relation. In every relationship, both parties need to be reminded of how much they are loved and how much they are important for each other. The longer the relationship, whether it’s marriage, living together or dating, the more we must come up with fresh ideas for saying “I Love You”.


When you love with someone the most difficult task is to say I LOVE You. Mostly Guys and girl try to find some unique and best way to say I LOVE YOU and its not as simple as people thing to say I LOVE you because after saying you relationship cant run as normally your relationship is going on. Weather it will become stronger or it will break. So for saying I LOVE YOU word to your Girlfriend to Boyfriends you need preparation to say I-LOVE-YOU.


 Unique Idea to Say I LOVE YOU to Your Girl Friend.

Its not decent but it is totally unique idea to say I LOVE YOU.



There are many ways to say I LOVE YOU to your Girl friend or boyfriends, just take her in a dinner , go with her at film theater , hold her hand and say I love U, and write a letter to her to say ILOVEYOU.
Just send a gift and greeting card at her birthday with some note to say I am in LOVE with you. But these are old method to impress a girl and covey your message that you are in Love with Her. You should be unique and impressive to say her that you are in LOVE with her.

There are endless ways to show love without actually saying “I Love You”. So let’s get started with a few Top Great Ways to say I Love You. But here we collect some amazing idea to Say I LOVE YOU and these are unique ideas to say a girl or boy that you are in Love in him/her.Here you can find the latest and Unique ideas to say ILOVEYOU.

what is Best Method to Say I LOVE YOU to Boy friend in Unique Way ?


Sketching a heart picture to Covey your LOVE message to your girlfried.



Decent and Unique idea to say I LOVE YOU and Impress Her.


If your girlfriend is also Love her and you both are at extreme condtion of Love and both of you are confuse to say I LOVE-You then it another best method of say I love you to Much and it is hot way to covey your message to your loved one.



Just become creative and go at her home and office with fruits and set the banana like that she can understand your feeling.




 Just send a real heart but dont send your heart . You can send her Goat heart with some best wishes message to say I LOVE YOU Too Much.what is Bhai Log Style to Say I LOVE YOU


if your lover or girlfriend is enginer and she love with Music then it another best way to covery your message to your girlfriend.




A dangerous way to say i love you to your girlfriend with some threat that you are only mine and if she have any other person in her mind then i am sure after checking your way to say I LOVE YOU she will never take this mistake again to think about someone esle. It style to saying I LOVE YOU Bhai Log.



Just send her some kissing picture, like baby kissing picture, animal doing love with each others, but picture should b decent and simple to give her a hint about your feeling towards her. But remember to never send indecent and dirty picture to your girlfriend before saying I LOVE YOU Words after strong relationships, never mind whatever you share with her. Girls always like decent guys.


Impressive way to say i love u


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