Latest Toyota New shape Yaris Car model 2013 Review price and technical specification

Toyota yaris is compact and little car but very nice and best fuel consumption car in the world.
This compact Toyota yaris little trendsetter is fun and comfortable, a confident choice for every driver who needs agility on the roads. With a stylish new look, Yaris continues to set the standard for the next generation of compact cars.
In this post we cover the review and detail technical description of Toyota Yaris new model. Latest model of Toyota Yaris is very popular in Dubai and other Gulf countries.
The Yaris is Toyota’s best-selling core model in Europe and UAE , with more than 2.6 million cars units sold. It is the only B-segment car to offer customers the choice of 3 different power train types – full hybrid, diesel or petrol. Toyota yaris is first car in the world which Toyota introduced with diesel , hybrid and petrol fuel option.
The Toyota Yaris Hybrid combines the tangible benefits of advanced technology, low emissions and unbeatable cost of ownership with a new, uniquely relaxed and quiet driving style. Its HSD system proves that driving pleasure needs not to be compromised by environmental responsibility and low running costs, and it shares the traditionally high residual values of all Toyota Hybrids.
Toyota Yaris has a gate type shift lever on the 4-speed automatic transmission model encourages more accurate shifting and conveys a true sense of high quality.
Toyota Yaris has not a powerful engine and it not good if you want to go in desert area with yaris. Toyota yaris latest review by different country user are very good its reliable cars by Toyota and good fuel consumption capability. Latest Toyota Yaris model is Powered by a 1.3L VVT-I engine that optimally varies the timing of the intake valves to match driving conditions, Yaris responds, whether you’re nipping in and out of city traffic or on the open road. Yaris offers an outstanding combination of power and fuel economy for all-round driving performance.
Powerful air-conditioning ensures powerfully fast cooling, whilst its compact centre console arrangement makes way for extra legroom.
Yaris features optional keyless entry, so you don’t even need to take your key out of your bag to get going!
Whenever you need to find extra space, it’s right there! Tilting and folding rear seats create a fully flat luggage area, with a convenient 60:40 split design providing you with the flexibility to freely arrange them according to your needs.
So in this post we did the review of latest Toyota yaris model 2012 and 2013. According to Toyota media person they don’t have any plan to change the shape of Toyota yaris in 2013. People like Toyota yaris compact share and we are not interested to change shape of this car and we will continue with same shape in 2013.
Toyota-Yaris 2012~2-13 is available in Aisa market and specially in UAE dubai in 10 different colors so a wide range to color is available in market and choose which color do you like a lot. Toyota company give a choice.
In Dubai Toyota Yaris latest price is AED-54000 and In USA Toyota Yaris is available in 14000$.We also share with you Toyota Yaris Interior design picture as well latest and new wallpaper of Toyota Yaris Car.
In short is Toyota Yaris 2012 and 2013 has best fuel consumption which make this car very popular in high price petrol price countries and Toyota Yaris cars is available in wide range of colors.


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