Nokia Best Low-Cost Mobile 2013

At the time that you consider great-offered mobile model with a Low cost, Nokia is the mark which goes in your mind immediately. Nokia is the world’s leading mobile phone supplier. Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational communications and information Technology Corporation headquartered in Espoo, Finland. Its principal products are mobile telephones and portable IT devices. It also offers Internet services including applications, games, music, media and messaging, and free-of-charge digital map information and navigation services.


Nokia is a standout amongst the most dependable and famous cellular telephone marks everywhere on the globe. We have viewed a great deal of unbelievable versatile telephones from Nokia in the final decade stacked with numerous convenient emphasizes, in numerous sorts and extends with moderate cost. Today, in the Android Phones proclivity of masses, Nokia is still processing exceptional-emphasized and reasonable telephones. Beneath record conveys the 10 Cheapest Nokia Mobile Phones ready in world with cost and details / audit in short (record is in expanding request of cost).today we cover the most popular cheap mobile by Nokia which are still available to buy in the all major mobile markets like in Pakistan , India, Sri-lanka, USA, Singapore and Europe. We also mentioned the price in USA dollar which will help you to calculate the original price in your country because at low cost mobile model tax amount will be minimal so just converting the dollar price in local currency give you exact amount of these Nokia mobile model. Just find here latest and new cheap mobile model which are still have good sale in this year.

If you are not using Wi-FI , 3G or advanced feature in mobile model then its best to use light weight cheap mobile model because these low cost mobile model are good for house wife , labor worker , student of low classes , Kids because these mobile model are low cost so if during work someone lost his/her phone that’s matter minimum because for costly phone you need more care.
In market some other vendor are also offering their basic phone like HTC, Samsung, Motorola and Sony but in Low Cost or Basic mobile model people like Nokia brand because Samsung and Nokia’s Basic mobile model are more reliable then any other mobile handset brands.

  • Top Ten Cheap Mobile Model by Nokia

  •  Nokia 103 Cheapest Mobile Model

Nokia-cheap-mobile-phone-price-less-then-2000 rupees

Nokia 103 is basic and Cheap Phone. Yes Nokia 103 is one of the Cheapest telephone around, Nokia 103 is for those who search for essential telephone with longer electric storage device essence, Nokia 103 runs on arrangement 30 OS and 1.36 inch dark besides white show, You will backpedal to the establishment of portable telephones with Nokia 103.Nokia 103 mobile is popular in basic mobile model in Pakistan and India and in USA too people who cant afford high tech Smartphone like to buy Nokia 103 mobile because this low cost mobile model has all basic function.
Nokia 103 Price in Pakistan is 1800 Rupees and in USA only 19 Dollar.In Singapore price of this mobile is only 21$.this is cheapest mobile model by Nokia which is still in market.this is best mobile model who price is less then 2000 rupees.


  • Nokia 1280 Cheap Mobile Model



Nokia 1280 is low cost mobile model which is best Connect to new opportunities.Nokia 1280 visit to your associates effortlessly and for longer. With Nokia 1280 get qualified information that matters to you with the assembled-in Nokia Essence Tools requisition. The long electric storage device essence, against-dust keypad, and scratch safe front make the Nokia 1280 the preferable telephone for commonplace life. The minimal furthermore strong Nokia 1280 gives you a chance to convey effectively.Nokia 1280 is equally popular in India , Pakistan , Dubai and USA and in Pakistan price of this low cost mobile model is only 1870 in Hafeez center and in Pakistan this mobile model is available in Lahore , Karachi , Islamabad and Quetta.


  • Nokia-100 Basis Mobile Model with Low Price


Nokia 100 is a colorful and best mobile model to Connect with outer-world.If you utilize your telephone to make calls or for messaging Nokia 100 is planned to make it simple to do both, Stay entertained hour after hour listening to your favorite FM radio stations on Nokia 100 & turn up the inbuilt speakers to share the music to companions, The Nokia 100 encourages you to make your existence run all the more easily with the whole lot from a timetable to a helpful light to help you find your way, The Nokia 100 is just what you require for your commonplace life – its little, light & reasonable as well.Nokia-100 is good sale mobile model in 2013 and still this is very popular mobile model and in pakistan all major cities this new basic mobile model is available only in 2300 Rupees and every month price of these model slightly decrease and in USA dollar this mobile model has only 23 Dollar price.this is affordable mobile which you can gift to any person which has still no mobile.


  • Nokia-1800 Low-Cost Mobile Model


Nokia 1800 is a basic mobile model to make an enduring impression.The Nokia 1800 will get individuals chatting its contemporary outline and commonsense ordinary headlines. The Nokia 1800 accompanies an assembled-in FM radio, preloaded Nokia Life Devices, and a reach of other handy headlines. Assembled from value materials, smooth Nokia 1800, is an exceedingly tough telephone emphasizing a chrome Navi™ key for a notably advanced completion. Nokia 1800 -Go for style and unwavering quality.Price in Pakistan is only Rs.2400 and available in all major mobile markets of Lahore , Karachi , Islamabad, Gujrat , Quetta and Faisalabad.In india this mobile has good sale and is available for costumer in Delhi, and Mumbai .


  • Nokia-101 a Best Low Price Model for Ladies


Nokia 101 is a best for Entertainment and In Control. With Nokia 101 you can be entertained for the long time & you can keep the whole lot in control in the meantime, The Nokia 101 encourages you to make existence run all the more easily and effortlessly, with the whole lot from a timetable and a notification timepiece, to a light to help you find your way, Stay entertained wherever you go with a music player of Nokia 101 that can underpin up to 16GB memory card, The Nokia 101 offers you double SIM competence which makes it straightforward for you to gain entrance to calls and messages over two distinctive grids.In different color this mobile model is available and this is cheap mobile model for woman because this mobile is available in Pink and red color which are purely woman color.In Pakistan hafeez centre lahore is best mobile market where you can buy this mobile.

  • Nokia X1 01- inexpensive DualSim Mobile


Nokia X1 01 is latest basic mobile model which is musically Gifted.Play, mix & rehash with the simple-to-utilize MP3 music player of Nokia X1 01, Make an impression with Nokia X1 01 being as how it has smooth outline & polished back blanket, Stay in control of your favourite tunes on Nokia X1 01 with the devoted music keys, Listen to up to 36 hours of non-stop music on Nokia X1 01 in light of the effective, long-enduring electric cell, Go for a telephone you can depend on with its sturdy external packaging assembled for commonplace utilization.In Lahore Hafeez centre this mobile is available with price Rs.3700.


  • Nokia-110 Cheap Cell-Phone


Nokia 110  is cheap mobile model with fast Track To Internet.A snappy & basic route to go ahead-line, parcel & interface is Nokia 110, Web searching is straightforward, fast & shabbier with compacted pages for quicker downloads & flatter information accuses of it, Play & offer music on 110 be in touch with message & IM, Get extraordinary applications from Store, Call, content or search in the arrangement you incline toward, swap SIM cards effectively without yet turning your telephone off.In pink color this cheap mobile is popular in ladies.


  • Nokia 112 Cheap Best Mobile model for Student

Nokia-cheapest-New-Mobile-2013-with price

Nokia 112 is another cheap mobile model which is best for student and house wife woman because is best mobile model to Connect and Entertainment.Stay web-based, visit, message & talk longer with an influential electric storage device of Nokia 112, The Talk time of Nokia 112 is exceptionally powerful which is extremely extraordinary nowadays, Web skimming is simple with Nokia 112 you could be joined every last trace of the time, Swapping SIM Cards is made more straightforward by Nokia 112 you can Swap SIM Cards without all the more turning your telephone off.


  • Nokia C1-01


Nokia C1-01  is a best Reliable & Stylish mobile model by Nokia.Nokia C1-01 a dependable & trendy telephone with an assemblage of media & informing qualities. With Nokia C1-01 stay in touch with associates, family & the planet around you coz Nokia C1-01 furnishes you snappy access to your message, texting utilities, the web & Nokia’s Ovi Life Tools. Nokia C1-01 has message, IM, zoom lens, MP3 player, FM radio, memory card opening, microUSB opening, Bluetooth, 3.5mm stereo headset & significantly more. Keeps the chat running with Nokia C1-01 .

  • Nokia C2-00

Nokia-Cheap-Low-Price-Mobiles in India Pakistan with Prices

Nokia C2-00  is dual sim mobile model and this is low cost dualsim mobile model.Swap SIM Cards On The Go. An a la mode double SIM telephone Nokia C2-00 with simple swap and incredible mixed media and informing qualities. Keep one SIM card inside Nokia C2-00 & straightforward swap your other SIM cards in the outer SIM opening of Nokia C2-00 at whenever, Stay in touch on your Nokia C2-00 with message, access web & delight in media back up to 32 GB, The polished, reduced Nokia C2-00 arrives in a reach of colours and headlines notable silver white color this mobile has high demand because in white color this mobile looks awesome which equally attract student, woman , office girl and guy. Price of this mobile is only Rs-4975 in pakistan and in USA price is only 51 Dollar.

these are the top ten cheap mobile model by Nokia which are still available in market.