Top Fashion Brands for Men.(Gucci ,Diesel ,D&G ,Calvin Klein,Massimo Dutti,Rolex ,Ralph Lauren)

If you are searching Top Fashion Brand for Men then your searching is ending now.Here you will find a detail of all well known men fashion brands.

Gucci _Diesel _D&G _Calvin Klein_Massimo Dutti_Rolex _Ralph Lauren Top Fashion Brand for Men.

Shoes,watch ,underwear ,Jeans,Glasses, Top Fashion trend for Men.

Get your shoes from Gucci, underwear from cK, a Rolex watch, Diesel jeans, your golf outfit from Ralph Lauren, perfume from D&G and your brand new suit from Massimo Dutti and you’re good to go!


This Italian brand is a top men’s fashion luxury line which claims a wide share of the global market. The trademark striped webbing on their leather goods has been just one of many clever innovations that have come from the inspirational house of Gucci. Founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, the brand has gone through a thousand and one evolutions, from fame to shame, from true design to fighting knock-offs and from family roots to deep rivalry.

Gucci serves the highest of the high, with shops scattered all over Dubai, it’s always the ones with sharp eyes and deep pockets that are attracted to this fantastically solid brand. You can’t go wrong with Gucci, whether you’re looking for shoes, a suit or perfume.


Vibrant, bred in Italy and a firm favourite with men around the world, Diesel’s clothing is aimed at the young adult market, particularly its jeans, but the brand can now be found on everything from underwear to fragrance. Diesels innovative strategies that they apply in their collection are extremely unique and immediately recognized by everyone.

Diesel has powerfully established itself in the region, with independent stores and mall locations; they are famous for their jeans and stylish belts.


Dolce & Gabbana fashion signifies freedom; it is an offbeat, free, innovative and irreverent casual fashion brand. The prices of their items are on the highside, but so is the quality that is expected. Dolce & Gabanna is almost as common as water in the Middle East region, particularly in Dubai.

Calvin Klein

Established in 1968 and definitely famous for their underwear and recognized by their infamous cK symbol all over the world. It is a growingly popular brand in the Middle East and they always offer a great collection of jeans & perfumes.

Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti stores are always situated in prime city locations, represent a designer space created for customer comfort and personalized help. Massimo Dutti designs for urban, elegant and contemporary customers. Massimo Dutti was founded in 1985 and today has more than 525 stores in over 50 countries.

The brand originally focused on men’s fashions, yet 1992 saw the launch of its collections for women too. The brand is usually classified as elegantly casual wear.


The giant watch cooperation is significantly remembered for its sky-rocket prices & quality. They have developed such a global presence with high class fashion, that they have created an illusion of a monopoly in their field.

You can never go wrong with a Rolex watch and more often than not, the demand for their watches definitely exceed the supplied. Rolex remains the most popular – and prestigious – top-line watchmaker, attracting nouveau riche and horn-rimmed engineer alike. Its jewelled mechanical movements and analogue face have proved to be almost timeless in this digital age.

Ralph Lauren

If you want to create a classical finery and elegant style in your aura, then Ralph Lauren is the place to shop for you. Established in the early sixties, it has grown into a globally respected and well known brand that is famous for its Polo collection that was a burst in the fashion world.

Ralph Lauren goes far beyond buying a pair of pants or a cashmere sweater. It is a customization of your inner personality represented through your clothes. Their impeccable service will have you leaving their store, a brand new man.


Gucci ,Diesel _D&G _Calvin Klein_Massimo Dutti_Rolex _Ralph Lauren.

Gucci _Diesel _D&G _Calvin Klein_Massimo Dutti_Rolex _Ralph Lauren Top Fashion Brands of Man.

Top Fashion Brand for Man. Gucci ,Diesel _D&G _Calvin Klein_Massimo Dutti_Rolex _Ralph Lauren.

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