World’s First Blue Rose in Japan

Rose is king of Flower and everyone love with rose.Japanese’s scientist had done a successful experiment and they got successful in producing new and unique kind of roses. These new and unique kinds of roses are Blue Roses. As we heard about Blue roses in old stories and in the poetry of old poets but now with the new and successful experiment in Tokyo of Japanese scientist had produce the Blue rose in reality. After long research the scientist got successful. Blue Roses are named as Applause and has started selling in America and Canada. The stem of this unique and beautiful flower is only of fifty dollars. it is very unique and beautiful flower many like it and also it the first flower which is produced in blue color. It is very advanced research of the scientist

To develop the world’s first blue rose with blue pigment three steps are involved and comprehensive research is done by Japaneses scientist:

1. Turn off the production pigment.

2. Open the ‘door’ to production blue pigment.

3. Produce blue pigment.

Before Japanese researcher USA scientist already claim that they successfully commercially launch blue rose and Blue rose in avaiable in USA and Canada market for Sale.

World’s first blue roses is ready after 20 years of research and Now in next year blue rose will be commercially available in Markets for shopping and you can be first person to gift blue rose to your loved One.


Blue Rose Applause world first blue rose.
Tokyo News: world First Blue Rose.

Blue Rose Applause world first blue rose
Blue Rose Applause world first blue rose.