Today is world most important date 11.11.11

world most important date 11-11-11
world most important date 11-11-11

whats special in date 11/11/11.

what is Phenomenon of date 11/11/11.

Meaning and importance of 11/11/11 In astrological terms.

11-11-2011 decleared a very lucky day by palmist.

11-11-11 is very lucky date for relationship.

Best Date to propose to your loved is 11-11-11.

Dont Miss this date. Mostly people believe that this date will be lucky for them. IN USA many restaurants offer special meal offer for this date.In Canada more then 100 businessman start their business at 11-11-11.

Best day to propose. Best day and time to celebrate. Best time to make this time memorable.Don’t waste this time Just make celebration arrangement to this day.Holy Day is declared in China.

this time never come again in your life because complete 100 year is required to come this time and many people from us will be Alive at time time.



same number today

today is 11.11.11

11.11.11 a sign of good or bad

11.11.11 i sign of good news or evil

11.11.11 is very important

breaking news 11.11.11 starts


11.11.11 repeats after 100 years

Today is 11.11.11 the numbed date it is 11 of 11 month and 2011 year. 11.11.11 repeats after 100 years. many people many scholar and many palmistry said that 11.11.11  is sign of good news and some said that 11.11.11 is a sign of evil and bad news and 11.11.11 will show some horrible changes in the world. many people said that this day is very lucky it is perfect for wedding or to celebrate different events. some people said that 11.11.11  is not a good sign many unusual and horrible and strange events happens on  11.11.11 . 11.11.11 is very and important date. Australia gives important to  this date 11.11.11 . in Canada people also give importance.  in Us many strange events happens like temperature falls and rises at once. in Islamic point of view 11.11.11 has not any importance but many Europeans give importance to this date 11.11.11. many superstitious people admit this date 11.11.11 it is also said that this date is very important for evil things which are invisible and horrible. it is said that on 11.11.11 the powers of evils reach to their extremes and today they become more powerful. for many people this 11.11.11 is very attractive day and they do their things on 11.11.11.


Date-11-11-11 time
Date-11-11-11 time



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  1. Firstly it comes a style in the date. 11.11.11 Now next eleven will comes only in 3011.And also 11 moon is “Ekadasi” It is devine factor. Any way the day will get more devine spirit in the world itself. Above all it is a belief.

    Your belief will save you.

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