Best Tips to Impress a girl

In every 10 minutes of life every guy once thinks about girl. So from starting of world a man always try to find a good and nice partner of life. Guys waste too much time to only think about girl how he can impress a girl. Most of the guys declared that its very tough job to impress a girl.OOo Guys, please take a cool breath and think again. To impress a girl is not difficult aat all. Just its required a creative mind. There are ways to impress a girl that will make the girl want you more and notice you more. Don’t waste your time. Just express your care and love to her. Hurry up and read this article in detail and these are best tips which are best to impress a to impress girl

Make a cool and decent appearance

Don’t go in front of girl as a cartoon. Many guys wear off-sense dress and try to impress a girl that is the stupid things. Always wear clean and trendy dress.It will look great to her and of course yourself. So to impress a girl it is basic things that your dress should be decent , clean and trendy.

Don’t become over smart and try to Show off her

No-one in this world likes fake things. So be honest and express her what you are in real.dont show her dreams which you can’t affords .Girls actually hate the show off thing, don’t ever put a fake appearance or something that you are not. Be yourself and do your best. That will surely impress girls.

Respect her

Always respect and admire the your girl friend and use decent word in front of her.every one in this world want respect and importance and if you think how you can impress a girl.then best answer is that give respect to girl and admire her even for small things.

Care her

Care is most important thing which every girl demand from guy even a husband demand a care from his wife .so does not matter you are a girl or guy. Every one want care .so girl like to that guy, whom care her a lot. So always care you girl.

Don’t speak loudly and always try to do Meaningful talk

While talking to her don’t discuss controversial issues and don’t talk endlessly. Especially discuss things that have her interest and surely will catch your attention.

Show your interest in her matter and problem

Listen carefully to whatever girls says or in which she has interest. Respond to the talking quickly and throw back the questions to her to make her keep talking about that subject.


Admire and give good Compliments to her. Just admire her eyes, make up and appreance.its best and decent way to attract her in yourself. Girls love it when they are complimented on the looks or other features.

Respect her family

When it comes to colleagues and friends and family, girls are very possessive about them, either you like them or not, try to become the good guy that respects her friends and family.always behave good with her family members.


Always try to act politely and have the best behavior, because these two things can make you a perfect guy.

Girl like good sense of humor

Be humorous sometimes, because girls love the humor factor about guys, crack jokes but only then when it is required otherwise try to take things seriously.

Be a good listener

Be the one who can give a shoulder to her when she is sad, as girls are always emotional so make her laugh with your jokes sometimes and listen to her always.

Share your problem and take her opinion

Never show her a rigid attitude .always become friendly and share your problem with her and also give importance her opinion. So when you do act according to her opinion then offcouse she like it.

Tell her about your future plan

Girl always like to those guys, who’s care about their future. so try to talk on your future plan. Mostly girls like professional guys. So some time talk with her your professional endeavors and show her that you are serious to make your professional career.

so these are best tips to impress a girl.