These things Each girl should do and knows for guys

These things Each girl should do and knows for guys…
Girls should know these facts


Now change the perception that only GUYS will do something for girls.
Now its turn of Girl…
It’s a general perception is that Guys will do only for girls but OOhhh Girls ,GUY are also human being So you girls should also think about Guys. Never think that guys don’t have feeling ,If guys are always think about you girls and its Guys Rights that you girl also think about GUYS. Here you will find TOP worthy Points which each should know about it.By implementing in your life you will found you GUY more romantic and more interesting in you.Guys are not only for shopping so girl should also take care about their budgets.Girls always expecting a lot from Guys and Girl think that is only guys responsibility to make them happy.Girl don’t think that Guys are your ATM machine some time you should pay after date.No Girl Guys also have feelings ,you must also care about his heart.

Girl should do some compromises with guys like on Movies. Just watch a romantic movie with guys ,give preference to his taste and watch that movie with him.Don’t blame him always that he is doing nothing for you.If he buy some gift like watch ,jewelry for you just appreciate him even if you didn’t like his gift.Never cheat a guys.
So please don’t ignore these Points.

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