Must Avoid Top 10 Interview Blunders and Mistakes.

Top 10 Interview Blunders and Mistakes.

Giving a good interview is a Art.No everybody can give good interviews even you are good manager ,good technically strong but prepare yourself for next job interview is necessary.Good preparation is essential for giving a last impression job interview.

A job interview is your unique chance to show an employer what kind of employee he or she will get if you are hired and in very period of time you have to show your capabilities and skills in good way.

Knowledge is always your best weapon and so you should arm yourself with good knowlegde and information about job detail ,about company profile and currently running projects of compnay.

One most important thing during Job Interview is don’t take too much stress of interviews.Specially people take stress for their first job interview.

1. Dress Properly: Try to go in Formal Dressing.

Always dress properly and clean when you go for job interview. Mostly a 2 peice suit is standard and looks decent in Job interviews.

2. Don’t Prepare: Prepare yourself for interviews: Give time to your mind to think.

Before going to any job interviews always give some time to your mind to think about it. Try to study the company profile in which yor are going for interviews.

3. Poor Communication Skills: A Communications skill means a lot during interviews.

Communications has immense impact at your job interview. Employer’s always preferred to good communicator.

4. Too Much Communication: Only Communicate to the point.

Too much Communication impacting a bad image of you in front of employers.

5. Talk Too Much during an interview is always bad. Don’t talk too much and confuse the things.

6. Don’t Talk Enough.Talk as mush that employer understands your point of view correctly?

7. Fuzzy Facts Never lie:

Always give correct fact about your past employers ,date of joining and experience in old jobs.Always speaks truth during a job interview.

 8. Give the Wrong Answer: If you don’t know the answer simply tell him. Don’t try to confuse the things and give wrong answer. That will create a bad impact.

9. Badmouthing Past Employers.

Never Badmouthing for Past Employers during a job interview.Even you didnt like you old employers boss but infront of new employers always praises your old boss.
10. Forget to Follow Up.After interview try to follow up the employer.

Proper follow up is needed after the job interview.Dont afraid to follow up the your considrations.Show your interest in new compnay and new role of job.


Detail of above mention points are as follow…

Top 10 Interview Blunders_Mistakes
Top 10 Interview Blunders_Mistakes