S m a r t M a p : GIS software application

Cosmetic Layer Designer for GIS software application

Cosmetic Layer Designer for GIS is a software application that will enable the user to draw multiple layers on the digitized map, which are geo-referenced. A layer may represent a chain of hospitals or multiple locations of an office across the globe or in a single country. A user will be able to draw layer of his own choice and on demand, he can place that custom layer back onto the map to see his provided information. In this way, at a time a user can place all the layers on to a single map to get as per his requirements (for example, a user can place a layer of hospitals in Pakistan as well as a layer containing the public exchange locations across the country).
The main operations that the software will perform are:

1-Read a digitized map.
2-Display it in efficient manner. By efficient manner, we mean displaying the map using multi-threaded process.
3-Implement the zooming, panning and projection operations on the map.
4-Enable the user to turn ON or OFF the visibility of a particular layer onto the map.
5-Allow the user to create a cosmetic layer, which can enables the user to draw shapes.