Suzuki Cultus-2012 Price in Pakistan

Suzuki is japani Automaker company and Suzuki has very good Auto market sale in Pakistan and India.In Pakistan three model of Suzuki has higest sale in Pakistan which are Suzuki Mehran, Suzuki Alto and Suzuki Cultus.Suzuki is 4th largest manufacturer of Automaker in Japan and In Pakistan Suzuki is most popular brand of Auto-cars and its has more sale in term of number of vehicle as compare to Honda and Toyota. Toyota is largest manufacturer of Auto-car in Japan. First we want to give you some introduction of Suzuki and history of Suzuki Brand.Suzuki established its own plant in Pakistan in1983. It is a joint venture between Pakistan Automobile Corporation and Suzuki Motor Corporation Japan resulted in the founding of Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited (PSMCL). Suzuki Pakistan has produced more than a million vehicles since its foundation. Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation which has headquartered in Hamamatsu, Japan .Suzuki is specializes in manufacturing compact automobiles and 4×4 vehicles, a full range of motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), outboard marine engines, wheelchairs and a variety of other small internal combustion engines.

Suzuki-Cultus-VXR-2012 Price in Pakistan

The new company assumed the assets including production facilities of Awami Autos Limited. PSMCL started commercial operations in January 1984 with the primary objective of passenger cars, pick ups, vans and 4×4 vehicles. Suzuki also exports its cars to different countries countries like Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria & Maldives from Pakistan. Suzuki In Pakistan launch its different car with the name of Suzuki Cultus, Suzuki Mehran, Suzuki Alto, new Suzuki Swift, Suzuki APV, Suzuki Bolan, Suzuki Jimmy, new Suzuki Liana or new Suzuki Ravi. Suzuki set a very comprehensive dealer network in Pakistan and you can easily found Suzuki car deal in all major cities of Pakistan like Lahore , Karachi and Islamabad. Suzuki has not good sale market in UAE but Suzuki has good sale record in Pakistan and India.In Pakistan two model are very popular which are Mehran and Alto because fuel price in Pakistan is very high and per capita income of people is very low. So high demand is notice at low price car and these both car are very economical.Suzuki is executive car in small car and very cool look as compare to other 1000CC car. Suzuki cars has good sale record in 2012 and demand is very high for this model.Suzuki Cultus 2012 model is gorgeous look and some new features are added in new 2012 cultus model.Now in market Suzuki Cultus has very good demand and Suzuki sale increase in 2012 compare to their expectation. Due to global recession low Horse power engine cars demand increase globally and every manufacture of cars like GMC Auto Maker , Ford , Honda , Toyota and Suzuki are more focusing to increase the feature in Low power Vehicle.In Dubai Suzuki has not good sale and in Dubai poeple don’t like Suzuki cars.Suzuki Cultus 993cc is designed with the best innovative technology and powerful performance. New Cultus 2012 comes with 6 appealing shades which will surely a match of your handsome personality. Suzuki Cultus 2012 Pakistan is available in two variants; Cultus VXRi, Cultus VXRi CNG. CNG variant Price is bit higher than basic VXRi.Suzuki Cultus-2012 has 40L tank and CNG has 56KG cylinder.

Suzuki Cultus -VXR EFi- Overview and Price.

Suzuki Cultus -VXR EFi is very good car and its price in Pakistan is Rs. 925,000. Suzuki Cultus-2012 is available in Pakistan in 6 color in which white, blue, Silk, silver and light brown are included. Suzuki Cultus-2012 is 993CC horse power engine and fuel efficiency is very good of this Car. Transmission is totally manual because Automatic cars don’t have good sale in Pakistan due to its road conditions.

Suzuki Cultus-VXRi-2012

Air Conditioner is available in car but there is no other feature is present in this car. At highway this car is not good choice. By road safety point of view this car really disappoint you and we never recommend you to buy this car if your travel frequently at highway road.
Suzuki Cultus-2012 has good built-in Air Conditioner. Suzuki Cultus-2012 has no Anti Lock Braking System which make this car useless are highway road driving. Suzuki Cultus-2012 has no Power Windows. One of the main drawback of this car is that Suzuki Cultus-2012 has no Air Bags. Suzuki Cultus-2012 has no Power Steering and there is no Leather Seats present in this car. But this car is good if your range is low to buy a vehicle. There is no CD player buitin in Suzuki Cultus-2012 but you can add later after buy the car and you can add central locking system Suzuki Cultus-2012.

Suzuki Cultus VXR EFi (CNG) Overview and Price.

Suzuki Cultus VXR EFI is also avaible in CNG. This model is little bit expensive due to its CNG kit.If you want to save your fule and want to buy CNG car then we highly recommend you to buy factory fitting CNG car.
Price of Suzuki Cultus VXR EFi (CNG) in Pakistan is Rs. 990,000.This car price is released by Suzuki official in januarary 2012 but you can notice some variation in price due to dollar rate and yen rate change in international market.Might be you notice some price difference between different Suzuki dealer of Pakistan and different cities like Lahore , Karachi , Gujarat , Quetta and Rawalpindi.if your budget is low and if you want a fuel efficient car then we recommend you to buy this car because in comparison of Suzuki Mehran and Suzuki Mehran this Car is good and strong body frame.




Suzuki-Cultus-2012 Engine


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