Sunita-Marshal Latest HD Wallpaper and Picture 2013

Sunita Marshal is known for her wonderfulness and savvy both physically and rationally. Her pretty looks and sure psyche make her distinctive from different shows, in the vogue shoots and additionally on the incline.

Sunita Marshal was brought into the demonstrating transporter by her auntie. At that point after make her great name in the displaying globe she goes into the universe of acting. Presently she is doing her best in the fields by administering both of them at one time, in a decent manner.


She communicated her purpose of views in one T.V indicate about model turns performer that one ought to be talented enough for doing great acting other than simply excellent looks. This may be the explanation for why of her victory, as she has both acting and displaying guts. She moreover communicated that with a specific end goal to be a prestigious and auspicious model, I never look after plan. Provided that somebody, in particular from my companions offered me an exceptional stage to work in the displaying field absolutely, then I never cannot.


This timid yet passionate adolescent woman effectively scores the heart of folks by her engaging emotional disposition and stunning grin. She is not party individual to any detectable degree and don’t like jokes however and stills, at the end of the day she makes party, a gathering when dropped in. She is an obliging individual and knows so great where to be patient. This tolerance in her transporter makes her a pro model. She easily wins the heart of people by her attractive personality and gorgeous smile.She is a hot and sexy girl of Pakistani fashion industry.


 In modeling she has gone with such a large number of style stylists and studied a great deal. Her exhibitions on the ramp, style shoots and on the acting stages too demonstrates her picking up regarding her work & experience.

Marshall married actor and model Hassan Ahmed in 2009, in a Muslim wedding ceremony. Three months later, they married in a Catholic wedding ceremony Karachi (She is Christian and he is Muslim). she gave birth to their first child, a son, Raakin Ahmed.


 We share latest picture of Pakistani fashion models in different post and today we share with you latest picture of Sunita Marshal and all picture of Sunita Marshal who is a popular fashion model of Pakistan fashion industry and good actress are hot and she born in Lahore and you can say a beautiful lahori girl pictures but she is originate from Bangladesh. Now fashion industry is grooming in Pakistan and more beautiful faces are adopting this field in 2013 and fresh faces are also expecting in fashion industry of Pakistan and those girl can learn from experienced fashion female model like Sunita Marshal and make their future bright in Pakistani fashion industry.Sunita marshal also has her presence at Facebook and twitter and sunita marshal has good fans club at Facebook and twitter. sunita marshal signed a contract in which she will work in 6 dramas of Hum-TV in 2013.










A beautiful picture of Sunita in white color dress.



Wedding Picture of Sunita Marshal a popular TV Actress of Pakistan.


 Fashion model of Pakistan Sunita look attractive in yellow color dress.