Student can use Skype in the classroom during Study.

Skype has rolled out a new concept called ‘Skype in the classroom’ that allows teachers to collaborate on classroom projects. The concept was created in response to the growing number of teachers using Skype to help their students learn.

Skype in the classroom, designed in consultation with teachers, is likely to help like-minded teachers find each other, collaborate on projects and share resources. It allows teachers to create a profile that sets out their interests, specialties and location.

Once in the system, teachers can create projects, locating partner classes, partner teachers or guest speakers for a specific learning activity. Teachers can look at various projects or even search by keyword, which makes it easy to share expertise.

A members-only directory to find teachers is included in the new platform. There’s also a directory of resources to help teachers share inspiring videos, links and tips in their classrooms.

More than 6,260 educators have used the service, with more than 120 projects already launched and 348 resources listed.