Untold Secrets Facts About Katrina Kaif

Today i am going to post very interesting post about the most popular Bollywood actress Katrina kaif. she is beautiful and always looks like an angel. Katrina kaif cute smile made the guys crazy about her.Katrina kaif has done many hit movies and this English girl rock the Hindi cinema.Beauty Queen Katrina kaif latest movies 2012 are also expecting to be the master pieces.Katrina kaif is wonderful actress and hottest Indian model.she is hot  and sizzling and Katrina kaif new movies 2012 always smack hit the box office.today i am reveling some secrets about Katrina kaif . this post is about all the the hidden information of Katrina kaif which mostly people do not know. Katrina Kaif is on the seven  sky of success and always remains in lime light but still there are some interesting facts which are not known to the people.here is the complete details of the Katrina Kaif secrets and untold facts.She is gorgeous actress of Bollywood and give many hit movie in Bollywood. Rare people know about early life of katrina kaif which is great actress of Hindi cinema.In this post we cover many interesting fact about katrina kaif family and her life’s facts which many people dont knows about that. Do u know How katrina kaif met with Salman khan ? where katrina kaif met with Salman khan first time ? Katrina kaif where spend her life before coming to bollywood movie world ? how much education she got from university ? Many people dont know exact biography of Katrina Kaif.Many people believe that Katrina Kaif born is London that is totally wrong. she spend her childhood life in London But she born in Hong-Kong.So Hongkong is place of birth of Katrina Kaif.

what was real name of Katrina Kaif before coming to Bollywood ?
where she met first time with Salman Khan ? Is Salman khan is first Boyfriend of Katrina Kaif ? Who’s is boyfriend of Katrina kaif before Salman Khan?

Interesting Fact of Katrina Kaif Life : 


1. Short Stay at London

It is usually think that Katrina kaif belong to London but its not true she born in Hong Kong and spent her large time period of her life in China, Japan, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Hawaii as her mother was a social worker and move to different countries so Katrina kaif spent her life in different countries and see variety cultural in her life. Katrina kaif has multiple personalities and she enjoy a lot all the cultural which she has seen at different places.



2. Katrina kaif has changed her surname Turquotte to Kaif

One more secret of Katrina kaif is very interesting that she has changed her surname before entering into the Bollywood. her first surname was Turquotto which turn into kaif after joining Indian film industry. Katrina kaif nickname is also kat and her original name was Catherine and Katrina is derived from this name. there are many other Bollywood actresses who changed their complete names before entering into the Bollywood.



3. The Beginning of Katrina kaif career

Katrina kaif started her carrer from modeling and she has done many fashion shows and done modeling for most popular brands. Katrina kaif enters to show biz at age of 14 she has started her career at early stage . Katrina Kaif first modeling assignment was of jewellery and she done modeling for that company for many years.Katrina kaif was the born star and beauty.

4. Katrina Kaif as an engineer

it is interesting to know that Beauty queen Katrina kaif was doing engineering in one of the university of London. nobody believes that Katrina Kaif hot and stunning actress was doing engineering before coming to Bollywood. as Katrina kaif herself was not interested in engineering and think to enter into the glamorous world.she was a barbie doll with hot and elegant looks and she had selected the right direction.


5. Katrina kaif first meeting with Salmaan Khan

Katrina kaif met Salmaan khan in gym where he  act as instructor for cute barbie doll.Katrina gym master introduces her to the Salmaan Kahn and as always salmaan Khan becomes the good friend of this beauty queen and then slow and steady friendships reaches to the peaks and they become best friends.

6. Katrina Kaif loves Teddy Bears

Katrina kaif is very friendly and calm girl. she is really angel and her smiles always refreshes the mind of people. Katrina Kaif love teddy bears and said that teddy bears are her best buddies.although Katrina kaif do not life stuff toys but she is in love with teddy bears and she has many teddy bear friends.



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    1. Hello katrina kaif you are my favourite actoress and model i just love you are just like a fairy for me i have seen your all movies and you are a very good actoress.please tell me your date of birth.

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