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Today we select some best sardar joke collection all these joke are very funny and you can find some good and funny jokes at sardar and pathan. In India you find very funny SMS and messages at sardar and in Pakistan , you mostly find good joke at pathan. It is still a puzzle that why people make jokes at sardar and pathan. Sardar and Pathan both cast has history in Pakistan and India.

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Sikhs or sardar Contribution to Indian Independence & Promises Made. The Sikhs played a pioneering role in India’s struggle for independence from the British. They made sacrifices wholly out of proportion to their demographic strength (the Sikhs make up less than 2% of the Indian population).
The Sikhs or sardar, who had thrown themselves, heart and soul, into the Indian independence struggle, was the third party with whom the British negotiated for the transfer of power. However, due to inadequacy of Sikh leadership, misplaced trust and false promises made by Gandhi and Nehru, the Sikhs lost their claim to power.Sardars comprising 2% of India’s total population and indulged in almost all constructive activities humiliated like they do not have a right to live.
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