Samsung Galaxy Round Smartphone 2016 Review and Price in USA and Australia

Today I am going to share with you about latest Samsung mobile 2016 which is recently launched by Samsung in South Korea and Australia. Samsung has planned to launch this round shape mobile globally.

Samsung Galaxy Round Smartphone has 5.7 inches color display. This mobile got popularity due to its curved screen. Samsung Galaxy Round Smartphone is first curved shape mobile model by Samsung and now LG is also announce to release it curved shape mobile in 2016.
Samsung Galaxy Round is quad core processor Smartphone with 154 grams weight.
This new mobile by Samsung has 2800mAh battery which is not sufficient for games and music.
This latest mobile has 32GB internal memory and you can enhance storage by memory card.
Samsung Galaxy Round has front and back camera. Front camera is only 2-megapixels but back camera is powerful with 13 mega pixels capacity.

Samsung Galaxy Round has starting price in USA and Australia from 1322$ and it is expected that soon Samsung will launch this mobile in Middle East and Asian markets.

In Pakistan and India Samsung brand is very famous so Samsung spokes person told in media they expect a good sale in Asian market.
Camera and video result are awesome of this camera and with this price this mobile give you best performance with stylish look.

Samsung galaxy round is loaded with some new features like roll effect. When you shake the mobile with specific axis it will show the information missed calls, date and time.
Now with this curved shape mobile, Samsung give a new dimension to its competitor like Apple and Nokia.

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  1. Please, wish to buy your Samsung Galaxy latest model and i saw the price for $1000.I am in Cameroon. How can i get it,My number is 237) waiting for you reply.

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