Samsung Galaxy Gear Wrist Smart-watch Review and Price

Samsung has confirmed that Samsung will officially disclose the Galaxy Gear smart-watch at the IFA consumer electronics show’s press day on September 4, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. The IFA main show will run from September 6 to 11. Samsung smart-watch will be available in all over the world. Still its price is not unveil and but all over the world people are anxiously waiting for this smart-watch.Samsung will introduce a wristwatch-like device named the Galaxy Gear next month that can make phone calls, surf the Web and handle e-mails. By this best smart-watch you can dial call and you can connect with friends. You can connect yourself with wi-fi and you can use internet. Samsung smart-watch will change the concept of Smartphone. Until now we got some information about Samsung smart-watch. Samsung smart-watch hopefully we get good user review because it has awesome specification. It is expected that first this smart-watch will be released in USA and it’s price will be in the range of 700 to 800 dollar. So when it will be release in all over the world we hope it price will reduce and everyone can afford this watch. This is first Samsung watch phone and it will get popularity in 2014 because in September this mobile watch will be released. In Pakistan and India Android based Smartphone has good sale so we hope this android smart watch will get popularity.There are several benefits to use smart watch then smartphone.

  • Samsung First Smart-watch phone 2014

As per The Korea Times, Lee Young-hee, Samsung Executive Vice President, said that the Galaxy Gear might upgrade instead of swap cell phones, and that the smart-watch won’t have an adaptable presentation. Lee included that the Galaxy Gear will be focused to the adolescent and depicted the item as a wearable thought unit.

The Galaxy Gear is relied upon to gloat a 2.5-inch touch-touchy show, and to match with a mechanism through Bluetooth 4.0 for ideal force sparing. Despite the fact that it will utilize the Android working framework, the Galaxy Gear will just work with other Samsung units.



Samsung mobiles next launch is savvy watch. September 4, 2013 the organization has composed a media occasion to present its new adaptation Note III “Phablet” which is a cross of Phone and Tablet. On that day media wants the organization might proclaim about the launch of the Galaxy Gear Smart watch. Starting occasions will be held in Berlin and New York. The organization has likewise wanted to have a pop-up store in Times Square. It might serve to offer the watch.


This sort of second screens for Smartphone is not another thought in this world. A second era savvy watch was as of late presented by Sony. Fruit likewise published that the organization has wanted to take a shot at an iwatch. For Samsung additionally the thought is not by any stretch of the imagination new. The organization had presented its first keen watch telephone in 1999. Till now the improvements of the brilliant watches are under purchasers’ desires. Examiners say that Samsung is in the top position of offering Smartphone’s worldwide. Thus Samsung Galaxy Gear will be the extraordinary second screen for the Galaxy telephone clients. The non Flexible screen might be the extraordinary burden for the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch.

  • Samsung Galaxy Gear Wrist Smart-watch technical specifications

Engineers had wanted to have a square screen to have a high caliber OLED showcase which indicates the full range of colors. The presentation is in the vicinity of 2.5 inches. Furthermore the apparatus runs with double center processor 1.5ghz with better electric storage device life. The determination of Galaxy Gear is 320 x 320 display screen. World Gear will come in five diverse colors like White, Black, Golden White, Yellow and Red.

The savvy watch has mixed Polaroid and minor speakers in strap. The savvy watch utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 LE. The inbuilt Bluetooth serves to associate your Smartphone effortlessly with your wrist watch. The point when the watch is climbed towards your eye the accelerometer serves to switch on the mechanism. The watch screen works with the standard touch as like versatile units. The Nike Fuel band is utilized as a wearable strap.The system Gear watch chips away at the Android 4.1 stage. The savvy watch gets joined with the cell phones or tablets utilizing the watch administrator provision on the portable apparatuses. The requisitions for shrewd watch won’t be recorded in Google play. It will be from the Samsung Application store. Provided that you require a Samsung Galaxy Gear watch then you may as well have a Samsung Galaxy sharp cell or tablet. As we all realize that the stroke of genius of Samsung is all due to the impact of Apple organization gadgets. Samsung is in urge to start its keen watch before Apple’s iwatch. Assuming that Samsung Galaxy equip comes up short in User Interface challenges or different issues of interfacing the brilliant watch with cell phone then Samsung will set up an Apple iwatch for more terrific success.

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