Safe driving tips during storms , Rain and fog.take care of weather.

Safe driving tips during storms , Rain and fog.take care of weather.

please educate the people for driving techniques.

In every 12 minute one person died due to traffic accident. Due to lack in knowledge for driving safety tips driver did mistake which cause serious accident at road.

With the increase in number of people acquiring vehicle, accidents are as well increasing. In an average, there are 6 million people every year who are involved in car accidents, some of them ended dying or injured. Every 12 minutes, one person dies because of car accident.

Several causes of these accidents are lack of basic riding skills & knowledge.

Safe driving tips

•Check brakes work effectively, tyres are in good condition and tyre pressure is adequate
•Make sure windshield wiper blades are in good condition
•Washer reservoir must have sufficient water
•Check lights – headlights, brake, reverse, hazard and fog lights are working
•On the road be careful and attentive
•Always wear seatbelts
•Drive slower than normal
•Don’t talk on your mobile phone while driving
•Turn on the headlights in heavy rain. Don’t use the high beam
•Keep a greater distance from the vehicle in front of you
•Brake earlier and avoid swerving
•Stay in the same lane as much as possible
•Don’t switch on your hazard lights except in an emergency situation
•Do not park under trees, electric poles, billboards or near construction sites
•In case of an emergency, set a hazard warning triangle a bit away from your car
•If your vehicle starts to skid, never apply brakes or turn the steering wheel. Ease off the acceleration and keep steering in the same direction

Driving during storms
•Keep an appropriate distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you
•Slow down and be aware of the road markers
•Avoid speeding and sudden braking
•During a storm don’t park your car under trees, phone or electricity lines, billboards or buildings under construction
•Driving during rainy weather
•Avoid sudden braking which might result in the car skidding on the wet road
•If the car skids and you lose control, turn the wheel in the opposite direction the car is skidding
•If the car is sliding due to the use of car brakes, step gently on the brakes until the car comes to a halt

Driving in fog
•Drive slowly and well below the speed limit
•Double the space between your vehicle and vehicles ahead of you
•Park the car on the side of the road if visibility is too poor for driving
•Turn off emergency lights but keep fog lights switched on

Nobody wants to loose their life in just a car accident. Most car accidents are entirely preventable. Drivers have just to be cautious and responsible in driving. Life is not worth loosing in a car accident.