Reema Khan BRIDAL dress designed by Hassan Sheheryar Yasin ” HSY”

Reema khan-bridal-dress

Reema khan-dress-on-her-Nikha

Reema Khan bridal dress by HSY

Reema khan Dress on her Wedding


Reema khan in her wedding dress

reema khan on her nikha ceremony




Reema Khan Bridal dress by HSY
Reema khan Bridal Dress by HSY

 Reema khan Bridal dress is designed by Famous and most popular designer none other Hassan Sheheryar Yasin.  Reema will wear the bridal dress of pakistani brand HSY. HSY has designed a fabulous bridal dress for Reema and for her husband . on the wedding ceremony of Reema Khan both Reema Khan and her husband Dr Tariq shahab will wear the the dress designed by HSY. Hassan sheheryar is very happy to designed the dress for this beautifil couple. Reema Khan and Hassan shereryar are also very good friends that is the reason Reema khan trusted HSY to designed her Bridal dress.


Reema khan Bridal dress designed by HSY
Reema khan Bridal dress designed by HSY

Hassan sheheryar is one of the most popular and famous fashioner designer in Pakistan.HSY is designing all Reema kkhan wedding dresses. Reema chooses HSY for designing her Wedding dresses. HSY is very much famous Brand in Pakistan as well as all over the world. HSY is one of the best Brand in Pakistan. HSY designed dresses for many lolly wood actresses. HSY had also designed the bridal dress of Sana a famous Pakistani actress. HSY is very unique , different and fantastic brand in Pakistan. HSY dresses are so beautiful and stylish.


A popular Pakistani designer HSY

popular fashion designer Hassan Sheheryar

Famous Pakistani Brand HSY

Reema wedding dresses designer HSY