Latest Ramadan Mubarak Greeting Cards 2012

Ramadan is the most holy and respectful month for the Muslims. It is the month of fasting and Muslims all over the work go for fasting and expect great rewards from God Almighty. Ramadan is most beautiful month in this people tried to offer more and more prayers and recite Holy Quran. Ramadan Kareem is the month of blessings, peace and happiness. All over the world where Muslims lives they fast in this holy month. Many people arrange aftar parties and have got together in their homes to share the blessings and beauty of this month. Ramadan Kareem is the month to seek as many as blessings from Allah for yourself and for your family members. Ramadan is the only month in which Muslims must reassess their lives in light of Islamic direction. We must try to left with bad habits .fasting means “to refrain” – and it means not only refraining from food and drink, but from avoid from doing all small and big sins. Ramadan is a time to practice self-control that how you can avoid bad things in your lives and a time to purify the body and soul from impurities and focus on the worship of God.

Ramadan Kareem is also the month in which we must take care for the poor people and we try to share their sorrows and share our happiness with them. It is the month to help poor people many Muslims must do something for the people who need your help. Ramadan Kareem the month of worship and gaining more and more blessing from Allah devotes us to donate to charity and increase generous work. Ramadan Kareem has religious importance and after fasting whole month of Ramadan Kareem all the Muslims celebrates their religious festival Eid-ul-Fitar. It is the great occasion for Muslims and for the people who were fasting whole month to meet their friends and family members and enjoy the three days of Eid. It is basically the gift of Allah for the Muslims.

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