PTA :Block Unwanted SMS and Call:SMS 9000

PTA :Block Unwanted SMS and Call:SMS 9000:

PTA started a new service and now you can block unwanted SMS and Call by SMS at 9000 with Callers Number and some detail about that caller.

Now Report the unwanted SMS and call to SMS at 9000 and PTA will take action against them.

Now Pakistan telecommunication Authority wants from Subscribers that they should report us about Spam calls and messages. According to spoke person of PTA ,we want you life easy and tension less that’s why we take this step and we want user involvement and help to stop spam call and SMS and issue a dedicated number 9000.

PTA put a lot of efforts to stop the SPAM and SMS from telemarketing agents, fraudulent users and other such entities. Now day by day PTA costumer services are improved.

How to Report SPAM or Unwanted SMS or Calls to PTA.
If you get any SPAM message or call that you never subscribed, or any call/SMS that you don’t want to get again – then SMS following details to 9000
• Sender’s cell number
• Your cell number
• Any details that you may want to add
Send this information to 9000 and leave the rest for PTA.

Note: Charges for sending an SMS to 9000 are 10 paisas (including tax).

Report SPAM and Unwanted Calls/SMS:

Per SMS 10 paisa/Block Spam SMS and Calls.

Block Unwanted SMS and Calls.
Block Unwanted SMS and Calls.

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