There is no such software that assists the directors during the production of TV Serials / Plays. Every serial has multiple episodes and every episode has multiple scenes. There are number of requirements for every scene e.g. how many actors/ actresses are participating, whether scene is indoor or outdoor, which is the location, how many technical/ non technical staff is involved and so on. The detail of every scene is recorded on the piece of paper therefore if one paper is lost of particular scene then it arises big problem at the time of editing. Due to this manual system Producers face the problem to evaluate the cost of production.
Our software eliminates these problems. The main objective is to keep the reliable source of data accessible by all the directors. It has to keep records of all the scenes with respect to the episodes. It provides all the reports that a director needs when he start editing the drama. It generates the complete list of all the credits and artists of a particular drama. It is helpful for the Producers to evaluate the cost of each artist with respect to their number of scene in the whole drama. It makes the job of Assistant Director easier and efficient.



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Author: farah

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