Most popular Journlist who have take money from Malik Raiz

 here is the list of all famous anchor person of Pakistan media who have taken money from Malik Raiz and are equally involved with him. all these most popular media person of Pakistan are involved in this controversy and they are defaming the chief justice of Pakistan. Mubashir luqman , Dr Shahid masood have taken money from Malik Raiz and give favor to him many other famous media person like Najam sethi , Kamran khan, Nusrat javed and Hamir Mir are also corrupt persons they are also part of this all game which government and Malik Raiz is playing with Chief justice of Pakistan. Many other journalist Mushtaq minhas , Mehar bukari and Mazhar abbas have also taken money and create hype for their programs which they have done with Malik Raiz.

all these people are loose character and they have no creditability as they have created their image that they are very sincere and fair with their country and nation but in real means they all are selfish and only think about themselves.Bahria town case will reveal many such bull shit faces and malik raiz has now no other way except to confess all the games he played with common people in Pakistan.

Now only the Imran Khan is the leader who can lead the Pakistan to right way otherwise there is no other leader or person have leadership qualities. so be with him and support him in your areas and towns.

following is the complete list of anchors who are beneficiary from Malik Riaz.