No Picture of Aishwarya rai baby girl for media :Said Amitab Bachchan

Amitab bachan who’s recently become grandfather of Aishwarya rai baby wrote at his tweeter that No Picture of Aishwarya rai baby girl for media.Its our personal matter and hopefully people of India and Fans of Bachchan family understand our feeling and will not force us to release the picture of Aishwarya rai baby.
On the other hand father of new born baby girl abishek bachchan tweet at his twitter account that people suggest a name for his baby girl.

Still bachchan family called her with name BATI B.
At one side bachchan family said that its their personal matter and they dont want to involve media and other person in their private matter of family and at the second end father of baby girl abishek bachchan taking suggestion for name of his baby Girl.

Amitab Bachchan said he is already upset with the fake picture of aishwaray rai and her daughter is spread all around the internet.
He reported his complaint in media about fake picture of baby girl.Jaya bachchan is already not happy with media role and she said media create a hype for this news and there are not take care about their family privacy.



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