People whos live in upper floor of Burj Khalifa should aftar late.

People whos live in upper floor of Burj Khalifa should aftaar late.

Dubai Islami scholar are agreed on this that people whos live in upper floors of burj khalifa they should aftar their fast after 2 minute because they live in height and they can see the sun.So they cant do aftar at same time of other people of Dubai.Burj Khalifa is Tallest Building of world.

Burj Khalifa is an extraordinary union of engineering and art–the tallest tower in the world and it is world tallest building.

Burj Khalifa lifts the world’s head proudly skywards, surpassing limits and expectations. Rising gracefully from the desert and honoring Dubai with a new glow.

Burj Khalifa decorates with world expansive interior and every floor is floursish with more expansive interior decorative pieces.

Burj Khalifa is at the heart of Dubai and its people; the centre for the world’s deluxe shopping, dining and leisure and home for the world’s elite.World’s top elite live in this Tower.

Burj Khalifa has 160 feet height and 160 floors.

Burj Khalifa People Aftar 2 minutes late.