Final Year Project proposal For Computer Science and Engineering

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Final-year-project-ideas-for University students

Web-based Examination System is very good final year project proposal for computer related field in universities and college level.

Details of this project is as follow:
Web-based Examination System is an effective Solution for mass education evaluation. We have developed online examination system based on a Server framework which carries out the Examination and auto-grading for objective questions. It has been successfully applied to the distance evaluation of basic operating skills of computer science, such as the course of computer skills in Universities and the nationwide examination.

It is necessary to build a Web-based learning and examination system for such a large number of people, as an effective solution to mass learning and evaluation of basic computer education.

1. A user-friendly interface
2. Simplified system maintenance
3. Central examination management
4. Security

We have developed an overall solution to the examination system for practical computer skills. It provides a user-friendly platform of various questions for the basic computer education in Universities, civil servant training and nationwide examination.

Tools to be used:
MS access, visual Basic .oracle.Microsoft Office.HTML code.PHP.

Web-based Examination System is a good idea and with user friendly GUI it will become very popular in universities.

Web-based Examination System is a great idea for Graduate and post graduate students at both college and university level. Many universities are involving themselves in this examination student who’s are interested to promote distance education learning concept.

It is convenient of university students and cheap solution for universities and colleges.

By email to us you can get a complete report of this final year project proposal.


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