Latest Final year project for journalism students:News Manager:News Database Programe.

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News Manager is good final year project proposal for final year project student in Multimedia Field.

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Final Year Project is good proposal for journalism students.

 Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) is a news agency compiles news received form different stations, delivers compiled news to subscribers and also back to the stations
APP has an Existing system that is used to receive news at subscriber’s end. The information is received through Ticker Lines.

APP (Associated Press of Pakistan) sends its news to different subscribers e.g. Jung, The News, Dawn, BBC, PTV etc so there is need of some system which will receive these news. APP has its own news receiving system but it is text based and is less efficient so they want to upgrade their existing system. They want a system which is GUI based, more efficient, can manage news, and also maintains database of all the incoming news.
And it will also be capable of receiving the news. The proposed system will receive and manage news according to their categories. A backup of all incoming news is also maintained in a database on daily basis.Compile the latest news sepratetly.

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