New World Record:World Longest chocolate in USA.

Everybody loves with chocolate and one of the best food for brain.chocolate is good for heart disease and chocolate control the high blood pressure.Another health benefit of chocolate is that its control the Cholesterol.Chocolate is best food item to control your heart diseases and lower the Cholesterol.Chocolate used largely in to gift you loved one and many people also gift the chocholate at wedding ceremony.

Today we are sharing a good world record that is related to chocolate.American company had made another record as Americans are always think advance and people live there always busy in making different and new inventions and generating new and different things. as in last days one of the American chocolate company made a record of making long and long chocolate bar of 21 feet. It was really shocking and interesting stuff. This is one of the largest chocolate bars in the world. Company had displayed its new and unique achievement and people are very excited to see it not only kids and children are enjoying it but also the teenagers and others. This is very new and unique record that once again American company made the world’s largest chocolate biggest chocolate is made by USA company.


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New World Record:World Longest chocolate.

221 feet long chocolate bar in USA.

world longest  chocolate

American company made the longest chocolate bar.

World Longest chocalate
World Longest chocalate..

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