Nearly 100 Car Got Accident At Abu Dhabi-Dubai Raod.

61 people were wounded when a several car stack happened on the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway the enormous crash complex 127 cars on the road heading into Dubai, early in the morning. The mess up took place due to smoggy weather and low visibility. The Abu Dhabi police declare 127 cars were implicated in the crash. Police in fact reach at the spot in 5 minutes, with more than 100 police vehicles getting occupied in clearing up the mess within 2 hours. A dreadful accident caused a huge traffic jam. a number of people continued severe injury and were transferred to the hospital. The number of sufferers is to be confirmed. Traffic accidents are regular in Dubai and are a foremost cause of death in the UAE. Dangerous driving practice is common particularly on major roads. Drivers should mainly look out for unharmed speed bump pedestrians crossing sand which can cause visibility troubles.The highway between the United Arab Emirates’ two main cities Dubai and Abu Dhabi remain closed for hours.