Mapdroyd The Best Free offline Maps application for android smartphone

Mapdroyd The Best Free offline Maps application for android.


Android Operating system is getting popularity and everyday hundreds of free application add in android market.Today we give a review of android best application of 2012 that is Mapdroyd.its very good application and you can use map of whole world without internet connections.

Mapdroyd is True offline maps for your Android smart phone. Ideal for international traveling.

Mapdroid is open source application for android.  Mapdroid allow you to view maps from OpenStreetMap on your Android smartphone. A lot of applications are available featuring street maps. Mostly are created using Google Maps, and require network connection through a GPRS or Wifi connection.

Mapdroyd facilitate you to carry your maps offline in your pocket. like  Other offline map applications (like offmaps, bigplanet, etc.) MapDryod does not store cached maps images or tiles. Mapdroid uses MicroMap format represents a fully navigable vector-based street map.

MapDroyd stores map files locally on your device using highly compressed and efficient MicroMap format which is designed and optimized for embedded devices. MicroMap files are compiled from OpenStreetMap (OSM) raw data available.

MapDroyd features world-wide off-line maps powered by OpenStreetMap. Experience true unplugged vector maps avoiding expensive network connections.

Mapdroid also facilitate use to download offline maps via PC.Experience true unplugged vector maps avoiding expensive network connections.


 There are two different navigation mode in this android applications.

* In the drag mode (default) you can pull the map in any direction you want by simply dragging the screen. In order to zoom in or out smoothly you have to click on the zoom buttons on the left and right bottom area, or, just roll your trackball up or down.

* In the rubber -band mode you simply tap the screen to reposition the map center. In order to zoom into a given region you draw a rectangle from the upper left to lower right screen corner. In order to zoom out you draw the rectangle in the opposite way, from the lower right to the upper left screen corner.

Its best android application and we hope you will never miss this application to install at your Smartphone.