Malaria disease causes,Symptoms,prevention and treatment.

Malaria disease causes, Symptoms , prevention and treatment.

Malaria disease causes, Symptoms , prevention and treatment.The malaria disease is very dangerous disease of the word. In every year million of people kill only by malaria disease. There were an estimated 225 million cases of malaria worldwide in 2009.
In this article you will find a comprehensive guide to the malaria disease which till teach you what causes malaria and the consequent symptoms of malaria alongside malaria treatment, and provide a complete explanation as to what is malaria disease.
This article is only for knowledge so we strongly recommend you to consult your doctor to take any medicine during malaria disease.

What is malaria disease?

A malaria disease is a mosquito-borne infectious disease caused by a eukaryotic protist of the genus plasmodium, in short it is a parasite that once in your blood weakens your immune system and makes you seriously sick.
In other words Malaria is a mosquito borne infectious disease of humans and other animals caused by eukaryotic protists of the genus Plasmodium.
So in Simplest words main causes of Malaria are very plain and very simple and easy to understand is that Mosquito bites.
Mosquito bites are main causes which affected the human and animal.

What are the main Symptoms of Malaria?

Malaria disease causes, Symptoms , prevention and treatment.
The first symptoms of malaria are like having the flu. You may have,
• Headaches
• Chills
• Diarrhea
• Muscular pain
• Lethargy
• Sickness
• Coughing fits
• Abdominal pains.
• muscle aches
• poor appetite
• Vomiting
Its not important that all symptoms appeared once, these symptoms are most commonly which are noticed in this disease. So you have any 2~3 symptoms from above mention symptoms you must consult you doctor.
After some time your temperature may increase. Some people have malaria attacks with three stages, trembling, hotness, and sweating. You may feel or be sick during the hot phase.

How I can prevent myself from malaria disease?

Prevention of malaria involves protecting yourself against mosquito bites and taking anti-malarial medicines. But public health officials strongly recommend that young children and pregnant women avoid traveling to areas where malaria is common. In Asia and Africa region are more affected by malaria disease.

What are Possible Complications by malaria disease?

Patients can be face serious complication by malaria disease like Brain can be affected, Kidney failure, Liver failure and affect you immunity system of body by affected you blood cell and respiratory failure from fluid in the lungs. Other possible complication by malaria disease is red urine, jaundice, and failure of circulation patients feeling shock

What is possible treatment of malaria disease?

A complete blood count (CBC) should be required for diagnose the malaria disease.
First always go for CBC test because after checking the CBC report it’s easier for any consultant that you are facing malaria disease.
There are many common symptoms between malaria and dengue. So always ask you consultant clearly about these serves diseases.

Several drugs which are used for treatment of malaria are easy available in market and Malaria is completely curable.
Malaria, especially Falciparum malaria, is a medical emergency that requires a hospital stay. Chloroquine is often used as an anti-malarial medication.
The choice of medication depends in part on where you were when you were infected So its better to consult your doctor as soon as possible and try to control the fever as much as possible to avoid serious complication of malaria disease.