Latest thuraya-satellite mobile model review and technical specifications with price 2012~2013

Thuraya offers reliable satellite-based telecommunications solutions to travelers, governments and corporate users in industries including the media, maritime and defense.

Thuraya  satellite-based telecommunications solutions launch its different mobile model and in this article we cover in detail latest mobile model of Thuraya. Thuraya is not a mobile manufectere company but its provide its services of mobile phone by satellite. So like other major mobile model manufecturere for example Nokia , Samsung, Sony and Apple , their mobile model don’t have function to direct connect with satellite. To connect with satellite we need special mobile handset which are provided by Thuraya company. By look Thuraya mobile model are not as much stylish like other companies Nokia , Samsung and Apple but Thuraya mobile model are very reliable and Thuraya also provide waterproof handset . Not all latest mobile model of  Thuraya are waterproof but some special mobile model are waterproof. Thuraya mobile model has more price than normal mobile model. Thuraya mobile model are more expensive than other ordinary mobile handset.So today we try to cover most popular and most reliable mobile model of thuraya.we cover are review of latest and new mobile model of thuraya.

 we will review one by one all latest and new mobile model of thuraya satellite and all these mobile model are launch recently by thuraya and they have plan to sale all these mobile model also in 2012 and continue in 2013.

  • Thuraya Handset SO-2510 Review and technical specifications.

Latest-Thuraya-mobile-Handset SO-2510 review

The Thuraya SO-2510 handset is influential and squeezed, Thuraya compact and powerful SO-2510 handset offers complete mobility and convenience. Thuraya Handset SO-2510 has just 130g Weight. The Thuraya SO-2510 is the slim/smallest and lightest satellite handset available.

The Thuraya SO-2510 is not only compact but also powerful. Thuraya Handset SO-2510 provides the convenience and mobility of uninterrupted satellite communication across Thuraya’s coverage area spanning more than 140 countries across Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.Approximately this mobile model price with thuraya connection is only 5000$.


Thuraya Handset XT-DUAL Review and technical specifications.



Thuraya  XT-DUAL handset is the first handset having the capability of both satellite and GSM tri-band. Thuraya Handset XT-DUAL has weight of only 211 g and display of 5cm. Thuraya Handset XT-DUAL has GPS capability for waypoint navigation, emergency SMS and tracking.

Thuraya Handset XT-DUAL has built in internet micro browser on the phone or to use internet via connecting with laptop/pc. Thuraya Handset XT-DUAL also has the capability of GmPRS and FAX/DATA.

Thuraya Handset XT-DUAL is splash water, dust and shock proof. Memory of Thuraya Handset XT-DUAL is 320 MB and 2GB micro SD card. Thuraya Handset XT-DUAL has Bluetooth and earset. Thuraya Handset XT-DUAL also has Organizer, Calculator, Converter, Stopwatch, World time, PC synchronization, Media Center (Images, Audio files, Video clips), MP3 audio player etc.


  • Thuraya XT Handset Review and technical specifications.


Thuraya XT Handset is the world’s hardest satellite phone, Thuraya XT Handset  is  designed to withstand the toughest  environments and the most thrilling conditions to ensure you stay close, however the far-flung  location.

Thuraya XT Handset has advanced voice clarity technology and an omni-directional antenna to ensure a continuous signal even during non-stationary calls. Thuraya XT Handset has long lasting battery and glare resistance screen. Thuraya XT Handset has GPS capabilities and multi-language support.
Thuraya XT Handset offering users a real ‘walk & talk’ experience.


  • Thuraya SG-2520 handset Review and technical specifications.




 Thuraya SG-2520 handset is a smart 3-in-1 integrated handset with satellite, GSM tri-band and GPS functionality, the Thuraya SG-2520 delivers unified mobility beyond land-based telecommunication systems.

 In Thuraya SG-2520 handset you can make and receive calls in all GSM areas with 900, 1800 or 1900 MHz frequencies in GSM mode. If you are outside the GSM coverage area you can make and receive calls from any destination within Thuraya’s coverage area spanning almost all over the world in 140 countries.Thuraya SG-2520 handset has Bluetooth capability allowing hands free operations. Thuraya SG-2520 handset  has GPS feature for navigation and personal security, providing reliable, accurate global positioning information.

So all these mobile model are latest thuraya satellite mobile model reviews and technical specification and soon we will further update when new mobile model will be launch by thuraya satellite.