Latest Ramadan-2013 Calendar for Dubai,Sharjah,Abu-Dhabi and Ajman Al-Ain UAE

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar it is the holy month for all the Muslims all over the world. In this month Muslims all over the world have fast for 30 days and try to worship Allah as much as they can and they also try to offer namaz regularly and recite Quran. Ramadan has great importance in the Islamic months because Quran was revealed. The holy month of Ramadan is one of the most important in the Islamic calendar and commemorates the revelation of the Holy Quran.

  •  Ramadan-2013 Calendar for UAE Cities

As we all know that Ramadan has equal importance in all the Muslim countries similarly Ramadan is a important month in the Islamic calendar and in Dubai, the month is marked by a host of Ramadan-related activities. There are many special events and functions are arranged in the Dubai and all over the UAE to entertain the people. Many special kinds of foods are prepared in the hotels for the Ramadan. The Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment arrange several events during the month and the retail sector witness’s efficient business. Because many people do lots and lots of special shopping in Ramadan specially ladies want to made some delicious Ramadan special dishes so they also do too much shopping so the business of retailers increases.
Emirate hospitality and ethnicity are also very obvious during this month as iftars are hosted across Dubai so that different nationalities come together to share the spirit of Ramadan. There are also family-oriented events are arranged inspired by the holy month.
All of the above things the most important is the Ramadan Calendar with proper sehar and iftar timings. Today I am sharing with you Beautiful Ramadan calendar 2013 with sehar and iftar timings. If you want to download the new Ramadan calendar with sehar iftar timing 2013 then you are at right place here I have collected the latest Ramadan calendar For Dubai 2013, Ramadan calendar For Abu Dhabi 2013 etc. here you can also free download the beautiful Ramadan Calendar Wallpapers 2013.

Ramadan-calendar-2013-Sharjah-UAE-sehri iftar-timing

if you are living in Dubai and planning about your Ramadan then here is the new Ramadan calendar with sehar iftar timing for will  help you to make your schedule.

Ramadan-calendar-2013-Dubai-sehri iftar timing

This month is very important many people also do charity and help the poor the people. Many people arrange the sehari and aftari for the poor people and give money to the families who cannot afford such things. Many families also go to Saudi Arabia to perform Umera.Here is the Latest Ramadan Calendar for Abu-Dhabi with sehar and inftar timings 2013.

Ramadan-calendar-2013-Abu-Dhabi-UAE-sehri iftar-timing

 Ajman is also one of the state of UAE and here is the Ramadan calendar for Ajman.

Latest-Ramadan-calendar-2013-Ajman-City-UAE-sehri iftar-timing