Latest Nokia-515 Mobile Model 2014 Review with Price in Pakistan and India

Today I am sharing with you latest mobile model of Nokia. This is best and latest mobile model which recently Nokia launch in mobile markets of Pakistan, India and Dubai.Nokia introduces an elegant addition to the range with the name of Nokia 515. It’s a classic mobile phone made with premium materials and offering;. Nokia unveiled its new aluminum-wrapped Nokia 515 feature phone in mobile market.

2014-Nokia-Mobile-model-with price details in pakistan india

  • New DualSim Nokia-515 Review with Technical Specifications

  Nokia 515 is best mobile with premium aluminum body with stylish matt finish skin case.
This new and latest mobile model of Nokia will launch in last quarter of 2013 and Nokia hope that in starting of 2014 this mobile will show good sale growth. This New and latest nokia mobile model has full-focus 5 mega pixel camera with LED flash, HD voice quality, 3.5G connectivity, social media apps, and Mail for Exchange. Nokia 515 comes with a Gorilla Glass 2-protected 2.4-inch QVGA screen, HSDPA connectivity, Bluetooth 3.0, USB tethering. Also available as Nokia 515 Dual SIM with dual SIM card slots.

Nokia-515-review with price

Nokia 515 mobile model’s beauty is without compromises. with a durable curved display and excellent readability in direct sunlight, the Nokia 515 makes a statement in any situation. Nokia 515 mobile has very good battery life. This is with crystal-clear HD voice quality. And reliable battery life means you can keep the conversation going even longer. You can be connected with your friends with long time. User review and technical specification about this mobile is awesome and it gain good popularity in mobile market in Pakistan and India. Soon this mobile will be available in Singapore and Bangladesh.

Latest-Nokia-mobile-model-2014 with price

This best Nokia mobile model 2014 has best camera result. With an LED flash, you don’t have to worry about low lighting conditions when taking photos. there are already social networking application are installed at this mobile so you can connect yourself with Facebook and twitter. Share contact between devices with the Transfer app, and enable internet sharing to turn your Nokia 515 in to a 3.5G modem to connect to the web on the move.
New Nokia mobile Nokia515 has factory installed photo edit application by which you can edit your picture and you can do more with your stylish pictures.
Nokia mobile model are popular in Pakistan and India. You can buy this mobile in Pakistan at Lahore and Karachi with reasonable price. Nokia515 has price in Pakistan starting from Rs.14000 and in India it price start from Rs.9000. You can buy this new mobile of nokia 2014 at Dubai at all sharf DG electronics store. Nokia-515 is a Series 40 powered handset made with aluminum.

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  1. Dear Managements,
    well of This Nokia-515 which Really a good mobile for our future and its acceptable and with good quality, but can you pls up date on This price matter.

    we are happy to see This new mobile up coming in BD………..

    Thanks & rgds

  2. sir mobail osam ha magar is k price bhot zyda ha ap sochay kya greeb admey asy lay sakta ha price ka kuch karay

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  4. we are three welly friends and want to know the orignhal price of 515 pls inform us soon.

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