Latest Nokia 108 DUALSIM mobile model 2014 with Price

Today I like to share with you latest Nokia DualSim mobile model which shipment will be start in first quarter of 2014. Nokia spokes person told in media that this is cheap and affordable mobile model for mid range income people. You can find this mobile best in voice clarity. This mobile is launch in different color and we expect that this latest Nokia dualism mobile will get popularity in woman because this new Nokia DUALSIM mobile will be available in red, yellow and cyan color which is totally female colors. For guys this mobile is available in white and black color. The Nokia 108 is single sim mobile model and Nokia 108 Dual-SIM has support to two SIMs. So name of this mobile is same for single and DUALSIM mobile model.

  • Nokia-108 DualSIM mobile Price in Pakistan and India

DualSIM-Nokia-2014-mobile-model-with price in pakistan india

Latest Nokia 108 mobile model of 2014 has very good battery time. You can talk upto 13 hours and standby time is 600 hour.
This is new dual-sim mobile model by nokia which has 1.8-inch QQVGA (128×160) display and alphanumeric keypad. Wight of this upcoming nokia mobile model is 70.2 gram.

The Nokia 108 and Nokia 108 Dual SIM have VGA camera which is really a good thing for user. Camera result is not good but you never get a reasonable mobile model with camera at cheap price. Price of this new nokia mobile is starting from 29$ which is very affordable price in India and Pakistan.
The Nokia 108 and Nokia 108 Dual SIM user review and technical specification are very good and one of the best thing in this new nokia mobile model 2014 is that this mobile has memory card slot so you can extend memory of this mobile upto 32GB.

In summary this latest nokia mobile Nokia 108 comes in dual-SIM and single-SIM mode, weighs 70 grams which make this mobile very light and the battery gives nearly 13 hours talk-time and 4 weeks standby in the dual-SIM version. The Nokia-108 mobile model comes in an good-looking plastic body and is available in India and Pakistan mobile markets in several vivid colors.

You can take photo by this mobile because this mobile has awesome camera and talk with your family and friends. You can transfer picture via Bluetooth to other can enjoy music by built-in FM radio.
Nokia-108 is latest Dual-Sim mobile model by Nokia and it is expected that due to it low price this mobile will get popularity in India and Pakistan. Price of this mobile in Pakistan will start from 2300 and in India price of this mobile will start from can purchase this mobile model in Pakistan at Hafeez center or hall road in Lahore.

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