Latest News and Upate about Arsalan-Iftikhar court Case with Malik Riaz Owner of Bahria Town

Now days only one topic is under discussion and the hot news on all TV channels and newspapers that is Dr Arsakan  and Malik Riaz case. It is really a massive and confused issue and still there is no clearance found in it that what exactly the about. Malik Raiz a great Pakistani Business man and real estate tycoon has played the terrific game with chief justice and he claim that chief justice and his son was involved with him in corruption. Malik Riaz is not the common man he is master mind person and had links with important person in Pakistan he is friend of all business men in Pakistan and he almost control all the politics in Pakistan and have background relation with politicians.

Malik Raiz had planned the game to spoil the image of the chief justice and his family. In his conference he raised many questions from Chief justice and put blames on him and on his son. Malik raiz himself is the very corrupt man and he is also close to army and many generals and kernals are partners with him Bahria town.

Many people said that bahria town is fraud and it has done many frauds with small people. Malik raiz had done a fraud of millions with common people many artificial real estate schemes to ditch people. And now he want to defames the chief justice want to  decrease the popularity of him as he is the only hope in Pakistan to improve the circumstances.

Many people don’t know about exact case of court about Arsalan-Iftikhar And Malik Riaz Hussain who is owner of bahria town. We collect information and news update from different well known source of news like Geo news, express News, BBC, CNN and Al-jazeera News. We cover the case update from local and international media and international media give full Coverage to this case because this is first time in history of Pakistan that a Scandal directly come at Son of Chief Justice about corruption. Everyone in Pakistan and internationally have keen interest in court case of Arsalan-Iftikhar and Malik Riaz Hussain. Mostly people don’t know what is court case of Arsalan-Iftikhar and Malik Riaz Hussain. We cover in Urdu which is local language of Pakistan to help out them to get latest and updated news about Arsalan-Iftikhar and Malik Riaz Hussain court case.