Latest Mickey Mouse Cartoon Wallpapers 2016

 Cartoons are best way to refresh your mind. Now cartoons films are so good that not only kids but young people also love to watch these latest Disney cartoon movies 2016.there are many types of cartoons some play comic roles, or few of cartoon movies show action and thrill some of cartoon stories are about fantasy and funny things. almost everybody watch cartoons in childhood and then collect latest cartoon pictures 2016 , new Disney cartoon wallpapers have fun to collect the pictures of their favorite cartoons. There are many famous cartoons in the world which is hit all over the world in which there are Donald duck, Mickey Mouse, goofy, superman and Spiderman.

One of the most popular and children favorite cartoon character is Mickey Mouse.  Mickey Mouse is oldest cartoon. It is approximately 80 years old cartoon. It is one of the oldest Disney cartoon character. It was created in 1928. Walt Disney discovered this amazing cartoon character. Mickey mouse is very cute and sweet cartoon kids love to watch Mickey Mouse latest videos from its name Mickey mouse it is cute mouse with red shorts, large yellow shoes, and white gloves. He is one of the most well-known cartoon characters in the world and is the good luck charm of The Walt Disney Company. Mickey Mouse performed in number of movies and short films and almost all its cartoon movies rock the kid’s life. Mickey Mouse is fantastic cartoon series now there are many kids’ accessories have comes in Mickey Mouse shapes their kid’s clothes, shoes, hair pins, combs and bags.

Mickey Mouse has also been mark broadly as a wit cartoon character. Mickey mouse had performed with many other cartoons like Donald duck and goofy. Mickey Mouse best friend is Donald duck and together they had given smack hit cartoon movies for kids. Mickey mouse has also cute girl friend Minnie Mouse and he has also his pet dog Pluto. Mickey Mouse is so sweet and amazing cartoon.

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