Latest Most Popular Cartoon Wallpapers for Kids 2016

Cartoons are the most common and easily available source of entertainment which we provide to our children. With the massiveness of television and addition of many channels, it has become easier for children to watch their beloved cartoons on a single click and at the same time it has become more suitable for parents to provide kids with this all-time preferred activity of theirs.


Not only kids love these shows, but also grownups are obtaining on their own attracted to it Time which was earlier spent by kids in outdoor activities is now exchanged, as now they can be found stuck to the TV sets for long hours, looking at all kinds of cartoons, mostly without the control of elders which is not good thing parents must know that what type of TV show their children are watching and what kind of impact they are getting from it. At such an early stage children study the things they watch in cartoons to be real, they are unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality so it depends on the parents to teach their children about right and wrong.


The influence of cartoons can be made positive by a little effort on the part of parents or elders. Cartoon shows had been a greatest source of enjoyment for children. Kids get pleasure from seeing cartoon shows in their cable Television, but grownups will also enjoy watching them as effectively. Almost everybody in his childhood was fond of watching funny and cute cartoon characters. Kids are just crazy about their favorite cartoon actors. Today I am sharing some of the best cartoon shows and characters which were famous and loved all the time.

  • Most Popular Cartoon Characters


Now days every child is just crazy about the Doramon cartoons. It includes funny and characters of the students and which really sounds interesting for the kids that relate that cartoon story to them and enjoy watching the mischievous things of the doremon and nobita.


Tom and Jerry

Everyone knows about this cute pair of cartoons. They are so sweet and beautiful cartoon characters. Tom and Jerry chase each other, irritate each other and mostly try to defeat the other. Tom is a cat and jerry acts like as mouse and often Tom tries to eat the jerry. Tom and Jerry is funny cartoons and often telecast on the cartoon networks. If there is one cartoon that children loved watching, even in the passing of many days and years and don’t get bore of it that is Tom and Jerry. There is messy relationship between two real-life enemies. This love and hate connection will remain the same, even if they are seen in space, under the water, in the beach, or just in the home.


Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a very old cartoon character it is cute and joyful and loveable cartoon.  Mickey has been seen in the cartoon world since 1928 where he debuted in the Steamboat Willie where the antagonist Pete, along with his pet dog Pluto first appeared. Mickey Mouse came into our hearts and minds years ago and still rules the hearts of kids and younger. Minnie is another Mickey Mouse character which acts as mickey’s girlfriend in the series. Mickey can still be found in the Disney world, cartoon Channel, in toys, and other stock.


Popeye the Sailor

Popeye the Sailor was very popular cartoon series. This cartoon character is still one of the favorite cartoons of the kids. Often Kids hate green leafy vegetables such as cabbage and spinach. But when the funny cartoon show Popeye was viewed by kids they have learned one lesson that vegetables are healthy and good to eat as it makes a person strong. Other Characters such as Olive Oyl, Brutus, and Wimpy had made an influence in the lives of many people. They had even appeared in movies, video games, and were even loved in the form of toys, dolls, and other goods.


Donald duck

It is one of the most famous cartoon characters. Donald duck is famous for her cuteness. Donald duck was first created in 1934. Donald duck is a cute white duck with a yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet. Donald duck is popular for funny behavior, cheerful tone, and his short-tempered. Donald Duck is cute carton and one of the kids’ favorite cartoons. Donald duck is also famous for her comedy roles and funny things. Donald duck had worked in 150 theatrical films. Donald duck has also his cute and beautiful girlfriend Daisy Duck .Donald duck is also performing with Mickey Mouse and goofy.



Aladdin and Genie

Aladdin is also one of the most popular and famous carton story in which there is young boy Aladdin plays a street boy ad one day he found his magical friend called Genie. Whenever Aladdin gets into any difficulty his magical friend helps him and together they just rock and have fun and lots of playful things. Kids as well as Youngers love to watch this cartoon series.


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Looney Tunes

Kids just love these cartoon characters. They are awesome combination of fun and is a complete source of amusement.



Tweety is a cute carton and especially small kids love is yellow and pink beak is beautiful cartoon character. It is also funny and interesting cartoons. Kids are just crazy about tweety there are many things made in the shape of tweety like school bags, lunch boxes and many other toys


Snow White

Snow White is a beautiful story based cartoons. Snow White is a beautiful and elegant girl lives in jungle with her seven small friends which always save her from the angry old lady who just want to kill the Snow White. One day prince comes to jungle and saw the cute Snow White and marries her. This is a beautiful story and kids just love it.


 Pink Panther

Pink Panther is a tall smart and cute cartoon character. It is really very wonderful carton. Many kids as well as young boys and girls love to watch this cartoon was very funny cartoon story kids love him too much that often they make drawings of it. His popularity allowed him to become his own cartoon, still airing on Rebound.